Does using a condom eliminate the risk of getting pregnant?


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Condoms can help prevent pregnancy, but they are NOT 100% effective. No method of contraception is, so that's why its beneficial to use two methods of contraception.

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you could since birth control and using a condom are not 100% preventive, but you have a better chance of not getting pregnant if you are using both.

No there is no posibility of getting pregnet using a pill re a condom so you r alright don't worry

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

If you're not using birth control, the chances are higher!

No so long as the condom is in good order and covers the penis there is no chance of getting pregnant even without puling out. that is what they are supposed to do, stop sperm from getting into the vagina.

Even with a condom there is still a chance that you can get pregnant.

Not very likely at all that you'd get pregnant but it does happen

He does not have to withdraw, you wont get pregnant if your pardner is wearing a condom.

That is how you get a woman pregnant, by NOT using a condom (or other contraceptives)

you can not get pregnant while using a condom that is properly fitted and an is in good order.

Yes, if the condom breaks. There is a 2% to a 10% chance you can get pregnant even with a condom.

it is about 5-7% that you could get pregnant if you used protection. unless the condom had broken then it is more likely.

If the girl is taking the pill perfectly then it is 99% effective. If she misses any pills her chance of getting pregnant increases. If you are not too worried about getting the girl pregnant because shes on the pill then don't use a condom. But if you are worried at all then definitely use a condom. Overall i recommend using a condom every time.

It is always possible when having sex - the chances of getting pregnant with the two types of BC you are using together is very, very tiny.

ANSWERIf you are using high quality condom and if condom was not broken during sex - chances for pregnancy are almost 0%.

Using birth control is 95% effective, add a condom and you're golden.

It depends if the boy can ejaculate and the girl has started her started periods.

Unless you or your partner has had radical surgery, there is always a possibility of getting pregnant from having sex.But if you're using two methods of protection simultaneously, and correctly, the chance/risk of getting pregnant is really, really, really small.

unlikely but still possible. The whole point of using a condom is not to get pregnant

Chances are almost zip. Especially with a condom. As long as he didn't ejaculate in you it's pretty much 0% even without a condom.

Yeah, using both of those probably eliminates the possibility of getting pregnant.

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