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It mostly just makes them healthier. But, the healthier they are, the faster they will grow. It will also make them thicker.

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How do you make your eyelashes grow?

Vaseline can make your eyelashes grow longer.

How do you make eyelashes grow?

Some say, that putting vaseline can make them look bigger

What makes your eyelashes grow?

By putting Vaseline on to them will make them grow.

Will vaseline make your eyelashes grow?

It can help make them look better or may assist in some growth, but the vaseline is one of those myth things.

Does vaseline make your lashes grow longer?

It will not make them grow longer but it will make them appear longer. If you put some Vaseline on your eyelashes and then put mascara on over them they will look longer than usual.

Does vaseline help your eyelashes grow?

Yes but remember not to get it in your eye

Does putting vaseline on your eyelashes really make them grow?

No. Yes it doesYes it does

What grows your eyelashes?

to grow it naturally put Vaseline on them. but to make them appear longer but they are not really longer use mascara

What is a way to make your eyelashes longer?

using Vaseline on your eyelashes when you go to sleep at night is proven to make your eyelashes grow faster also if you wear mascara buy one that is double ended with a protective serum that is usually white to avoid the mascara rotting your eyelashes.

How can you grow your eyelashes?

Tips To Make Your Eyelashes Grow longer Naturally - You can apply vaseline to make your eyelashes grow. Its regular application before sleep can make them longer. You can apply them by using a small make up brush or even a toothbrush. You can gently spread them and apply vaseline on your eyelashes. You should wait for 2-3 minutes before washing them off. It nourishes them and keeps them shiny and healthy. Especially Norwegian woman follow this trick for enhancing their beauty. - You can also use mascara to enhance the length of your eyelashes. There are many products in the market, which claims to grow your lashes, but using mascara is the quickest way to make them look longer. Wearing mascara is the latest trend among women with a good fashion sense. - Some products like lash accelerator can make your eyelashes grow naturally. They contain serums, proteins and conditioners for strengthening weak lashes. They make them longer too. They nourish your lashes and make them look larger. I hope this Tips can help you to grow your eyelashes..

What makes your eyelashes longer?

there is a new mascara out that helps make you eyelashes grow. that answer SUCKS! there are many thing that work, mascara does the oppisite. vaseline, olive oil, caster oil, honey, and original lip balm.

How can I get eyelashes to grow faster?

If the hair follicle is damaged the eyelash will probably not grow back. Some people cut their eyelashes or use a conditioner like Vaseline to help the lashes grow faster, but this has varied results. Lashes like hair grow at their own rate, you can't make them grow faster.

How can you grow full eyelashes?

At night before you sleep put lip Vaseline on your eye lashes they will grow over nightwish you luck x

Dose vaseline make your eyelashes longger?

No it does not, but in some cases your mascara will go on a lot smoother.

Can you make your eyelashes grow longer?


How do you make eyelashes longer?

Using Vaseline! Suprisingly If you apply Vaseline for a Week , Day And Night, You Lashes will Grow! All You Do Is ,,,, 1)Clean Out A Mascara Brush With Warm water. 2) Dip The Brush In Vaseline (You Can Also Us Vaseline Lip Balm) 3) Appy To Bottom And Top Of your Eyelashes. Or.. Use Products...Curl You Lashes And apply lots of coats of Mascara. Or DON'T apply mascara at all because it Stops lashes from growing !!! Hope That Helped !

Does vaseline help your eyelashes grow longer?

Yes. If you it apply it day and night daily, you will start to see a difference after a week to a month

Does vaseline help eyelashes grow thicker?

No. Try lanolin. Years ago I blew off my eyelashes and eyebrows off when lighting a gas oven and it blew up on me. I used lanolin to help them grow back, so it might work for you.

Does vaseline make eyebrows grow?


Will Vaseline make your hair grow grow out quicker?

No. However you should be aware that Vaseline is bad for you. It is petrolium. That is what is what gasoline is made out of.

Can you use any pertoleum jelly to make your eyelashes longer or does it have to be Vaseline?

Petroleum jelly and Vaseline are pretty much the same thing. Apply it to your lashes daily and nightly.

How do you make a mustache grow faster?

try vaseline

How do you grow eyelashes?

the best way to grow your eyelashes would be to put Vaseline on. for best results if you wear make up take all of it off with a soft or sensitive skin face wipe so then it wont be to strong on skin nor eyelashes. when your face is completely clean you will then need a eyelash comb , Vaseline, and a cotton bud. put the cotton bud in to Vaseline so there is just enough to cover it,start to roll this on your eyelashes with them open and swipe up in the direction that they are suppose to go in this will also make them more curved instead of using curlers which are bad for them. when you have done that evenly on each eyelash ,put a bit extra on the sides as they tend to take longer to grow. after use the comb to brush though and take clumps out as they can row clumped together and the more separated it will look like you have more therefore thicker eyelashes. hope this helped :) Adele-lilyx

How do you make it look like you have longer eyelashes?

Put mascara on - obvious! But apparently, if you put vaseline on your eyelashes every night it is meant to work :-S. ive dont this but it didnt seem to be longer however my eyelashes appeared thicker.

You were just curling your eyelashes and your curler cut off the ends of your left eye eyelashes How do you help them grow back because this looks really stupid?

This has happened to me before the best way is to use petroleum jelly known as Vaseline apply that to eyelashes everyday and they will grow back very soon yours sincerely bubbz002 x