Does water clear urine of alcohol?

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Q: Does water clear urine of alcohol?
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How long to clear your urine of alcohol?

about 72 hours

How does alcohol stay in urine?

When you drink alcohol, it blocks the water receptors in your kidney so your body thinks it is hydrated when it's not. This is why when you drink your urine is usually clear and diluted because your body thinks it doesn't need the excess water and expels it from your body. This is also why you get dehydrated from alcohol. The next day however all that alcohol needs to excrete from your body so your urine is highly concentrated with alcohol.

Why does urine turn clear when consuming alcohol?

Because the volume of urine increases and becomes somewhat dilluted.

Is pale and clear urine the same?

The clearer your urine is, the less concentrated it is. If it is clear, it is almost all water, if it is pale there is less water.

If I have sufficient water what color will my urine be?


Why does a dog's urine look clear like water and not smell like it either?

Most dog's urine looks clear because that means that they drink enough water to be hydrated. Just like humans, the more water a dog drinks, the clearer the urine will be. Water makes up 95% of urine, meaning that your dog is drinking a healthy amount of water if their urine is clear. Sometimes it doesn't smell and that may be because your dog drinks enough water for their urine to be composed of 95% water like it should be. Some dogs don't have clear urine and that's fine, but most dogs do have clear.

What does it mean when your urine is clear?

Normally when your Urine is clear, it means that a good amount of Water, or H2o, is circulating your body.

Does drinking water help pass a urine test for alcohol?

It does but you need to drink ALLOT of water and not to much alcohol especially considering the low level of alcohol urine tests are looking for... I'm not sure how much water, how little alcohol or how much time it will take as all these factors depend on each other, and your weight and tolerance to alcohol... If you need to do a urine sample for alcohol and your not sure if the alcohol is still in your urine, the best thing (of coarse) is to not drink alcohol until after your test...

How do you clear concentrated urine?

By drinking fresh water.

What color is urine when you are pregnant?

your urine is supposed to be clear but if its yellow you have to drink more water.

Does water help to flush alcohol from urine?

No, only time.

If your urine is clear are you drinking enough water?

yes that you are drinking enough water

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