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Does water coke or milk make plants grow faster?


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milk and Diet Coke makes plants grow faster

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Does water, coke or milk grow faster?

plants will grow taller using diet coke

Coke would make mold grow faster... Sugar is food for the mold/fungus. Therefore, Coke with its high sugar content would make it grow faster.

Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.

Probably not, because plants grow from water and are used to that. Coke with its chemicals may kill it!

No, most plants will not grow at all in salt water.

because plants need water to grow. ALTHOUGH coke has water but the osmotic pressure of coke water is very high hence its water is not available to the plant cells by osmosis.

well plants grow better in regular water but if they get any water they will still grow

Plants having water have turgid cells. Turgidity helps in cell division as well as cell elongation. Hence these plants grow faster than water scare plants.

Plants will grow faster with sugar water than with salt water. Salt will draw water away from the plant instead of feed it.

Water. Water absorbs and nutrients the plants system.

Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

With all the required nutrients and water, the plants grow faster in sand due to increased porocity to the roots.

Rain water make bamboo plants grow faster.

Yes it can , but milk or water will make plants grow more faster.

the seed would grow faster in water because vinegar would make the seed moldy

salt water kills the plants because it has acids

Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

yes usually when plants are given warm water the grow better and comparatively faster

Yes touching the plants affectionatly and caring for water and manure etc. make these grow faster.

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