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Land holds more heat than water because the earth has magma and lava but water doesn't

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Q: Does water or land hold heat longer?
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Does water hold heat longer than land?

Yes it does.

Which holds heat longer land or water?


What does water take longer o do than land?

Water takes longer to heat up and to cool down then it does for land.

How does the absorption of energy from the sun differ from land and water?

Land absorbs heat energy from the sun quickly, but it also releases the heat (cools down) more quickly than water. Water reflects more of the energy than land does, so it takes longer to warm. Water also holds the heat longer than land. This is why the sea is warmer for swimming at the very end of summer, even when the land is cooling.

If Specific heat of water is greater than that of land This means?

Water heats and cools slower than land. It is because the specific heat is the amount of heat that it takes to be raised to a certain temperature. If the heat is higher it would take longer to heat and cool. That is my interpretation anyways.

Why does ice remain longer in Lake Erie than surrounding land areas?

Water has a higher specific heat than land.

Why does water stay cooler than land?

The thermal capacity is higher for water than land, therefore the land is able to cool faster than the water. The water takes a longer time to heat up and cool off than the land.

What holds heat longer air or land?

the land

Why is land hotter than water?

Because land needs the sun. Suppose the water was in a frying pan. And then think about land in a frying pan. Land is a solid, water is a liquid thus the molecules are moving around if they are heated. And think about a blacktop if you step barefoot on it it will hurt because the color attracts light and so does land. Water is transparent meaning the color soesnt attract the sunlight as much as land.

How does being near a large body of water affect the climate of a region?

Water has a high specific heat, therefore it takes longer to heat and cool effecting the temperature of the land it surrounds or is near

How does land temperature effect water temperature?

Air temperature greatly affects water temperature. When the sun is strong, it increases the temperature of the air and water. On the other hand, when the sun is less intense, the temperature of the air and water decreases.

How can being near a large body of water affect the climate of a region?

the wind picks up the col air coming off the water and then comes on land