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No, water pressure is immediate. If you replaced the sink faucet you probably ended up with one of the "low flow" faucets that are being produced to save water. Sometimes they can be taken apart and "encouraged" to let more water through. if the valve had no been used in awile the gasket will stick when you turn it off and back on replace the valve with a quarter turn ball type valve and you wont have this problem again

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Q: Does water pressure need to build up after you turn the water valve off because you had half the water pressure you did when you turned the water valve back on to your sink?
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A hydraulic pressure reducing valve works by allowing hydraulic fluid to be released. This hydraulic fluid is then chambered separately until it is needed again. The valve is turned either left or right to either build pressure or take pressure away.

If you replaced both cartridges on a shower valve due to very low water pressure and still no water pressure you removed cartridges and turned water on and water pressure is good?

May be build up in the valve itself or the shower head.

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Make enquiry's with the manufacturer of the compressor and get the max pressure rating. Then let the pressure in the tank build up to that level. If it does not open get a new valve

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Does the main water supply have to be turned off and the pipes drained before you can turn the screw on the pressure valve to increase the water pressure in house?


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Why does the Shut off under sink leak after it is turned off?

If the valve is a multi turn valve, it is because the valve seat is no longer good. Replace the valve. It it is a quarter turn valve, it is because the mechanism that turns the ball is no good and the valve does not turn completely shut. once again, replace the valve.

Difference between pressure releif valve and pressure reducing valve?

A relief valve is in a system that builds pressure to make sure it doesn't build up too much pressure and burst the tank or line. The water heater has one, an air compressor has one, any thing that builds pressure will have one at some point. Pressure reducing valve regulates how much pressure is available in the line. Water line from the city may have 100 lbs. in it but there is a reducing valve right inside the house so that the pipes in the house only get 40 lbs. in them.

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