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The rate at which water freezes depends on the thermal conductivity of the container. Plastic is generally not very thermally conductive, whereas aluminum foil is more thermally conductive. Thus, as long as the foil is not very much thinner than the plastic, the water will freeze faster in the foil.

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Q: Does water turn to ice faster in plastic or aluminum foil?
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What keeps water colder aluminum foil or plastic wrap?

aluminum foil

Will ice melt faster wrapped in plastic foil and aluminum foil and put it outside or if you put it inside?

ice will melt faster wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic wrap when you put it outside

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plastic bag

Will ice melt faster on plastic wrap or aluminum foil?

Ice melt lot faster on aluminum foil because it conduct more energy than plastic wrap:)

What keeps things warmer plastic wrap or aluminum foil?

aluminum foil is not as good as plastic wrap because it is a good conductor and changes temperature to its surroundings faster than plastic wrap.

What is the purpose of plastic wrap and aluminum foil?

~Ceppwo The purpose of plastic wrap and aluminum foil is for food, it helps the food to stay good, without the plastic wrap and aluminum foil, it would be harder for us to keep it good, and with out it, the food would mold faster . . . so there's your answer:)

Which keeps things colder plastic warp or aluminum foil?

aluminum foil

What keep things colder aluminum foil or plastic wrap?

Aluminum foil will transfer cold better than plastic therefore making what you wrapped colder, faster. It also works in reverse, the item wrapped in aluminum will remain colder longer than in plastic.

Why do aluminum foil melt butter faster than a spoon?

aluminum foil melt butter faster than a spoon because aluminum foil collects heat faster than a spoon

Does bread mold faster in wax paper plastic bag or aluminum foil?

when was the war of 1812 fought

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No. Aluminum will degrade faster than most metals, especially if it is left in salt water, such as at the bottom of the ocean. This is true. Aluminum foil is not biodegradable. your welcome, : )

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