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Number of watts= heat

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2013-01-28 18:09:58
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Q: Does watts on a blow dryer mean how hot it gets or how hard it blows out hair?
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What do you do when your blow dryer gets wet?

The very first thing to do is safely unplug the blow dryer. I would then examine the dryer to see if water got to the inside of the blow dryer. If you find that water got into the inside I would personally pitch the dryer for fear of a later electrical shock when using it. If moisture get into the heating element, it could cause a shortage in the dryer when using because moisture could be trapped within it. If no water got into the inside for sure, just dry it off and let it dry for a day and use it again. If you are not sure, I would rather be safe than sorry. Get another blow dryer. You can buy quality hair dryers at a reasonable price at <ahref=> blow dryer </a>

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How do you calculate watts for a 15 Amp breaker?

That's easy. Depending on the amount voltage will determine the amount of wattage, since we know the value of the current. Lets take 120 VAC times 15 Amps = 1800 watts. When my wife and me have the small electric heater running in the bedroom during the morning before and she uses her hair dryer, it blows the breaker. Then I have to run downstairs and reset the breaker. The heater runs at around 9 Amps and the hair dryer draws around 10 Amps. 19 Amps blows the breaker. The more it blows the weaker it gets. Why would one want to know the amount of wattage on a breaker, when mainly were interested in the amonut of current ratings.

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What do you do when your ipod gets submerged in water?

you must immediatly dry it out maybe even take a blow dryer and dry it on the lowest heat setting for a few minutes....

What gets wetter and wetter the dryer it gets?

a towel

Why do sometimes socks disappear in the dryer?

Your cat gets in the dryer and eats them.

What happens to sound when it gets hotter?

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What gets wetter as it dryes?

A dryer, or a towel

If my clothes dryer appliance blew up, do you think it is beyond repair and why?

the thermal fuse gets too hot, it will blow, and completely shut down your dryer until it is replaced. basically the repair can cost you pretty much and you will feel better to get a new one than replacing it.

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