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It acts as a diffuser for light, not so much reflect, use "bounce cards" a white peice or cardboard or thick paper.

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Will light go through wax paper or construction paper?

no baefjhnhg

Is wax paper translucent?

Yes, wax paper is translucent because it only lets some light go through.

What is in wax paper?

Wax paper is paper coated with wax.

When white light shines on a white piece of paper does all of the wavelengths of light reflect from the paper?


How does a white piece of paper reflect light?

d u m b paper does not reflect light HAHAHA LOLS ^^^^^THIS GUY IS SO NOOB xD Anyway here is the answer white paper does reflect light, that is why we can see it. We obviously cant see our own reflection in a white piece of paper because it is rough and the light rays that reflect off the paper goes in different directions so we cant see an image like we would if we were looking at a mirror. So white pieces of paper reflect light because the light rays will hit the paper and obeying the law of reflection, the rays will reflect in all different directions since the paper is rough.

What are five materials that do not reflect light?

Wood, Plastic,Cotton,Paper and Fibre are 5 materials that don't reflect light.

Why can't a piece of paper reflect light?

Because the light can shine through it?

Why is it that wax paper does not get wet when you sprinkle water on it?

Wax paper has wax on it and wax is waterproof

Is wax paper opaque translucent or transparent?

Wax paper is translucent as it allows some light through. Transparent refers to a substance allowing practically all light through, whereas opaque substances let no light through.

What is the difference between wax paper and plain paper?

Wax paper is coated with wax emulsion while plain paper is not.

Why does light reflect better off a mirror than a sheet of paper?

Paper absorbs the light, but the shiny surface of the mirror reflects it.

Does a piece of glass reflect more light than a piece of paper?

It will reflect more light per unit area, if that's what you mean.

Why don't most paper reflect light?

As most paper's surface is rough at microscopic levels therefore they do reflect the light but the light reflected y them is scattered over a large surface due to its rough texture.......As they do not reflect light in a particular direction like mirrors therefore they seems not to reflect the light.....

Does wax paper absorb heat?

Wax paper does not absorb heat. Wax paper is coated with paraffin, which does not allow heat to be absorbed. This allows wax paper to be used when cooking.

Is wax paper the same as freezer paper?

Nope.... wax paper is wax coated paper, Freezer paper is white butchers paper with a plastic coating. Much thicker.

Why pencils make color?

Coloured pencils have pigment embedded in the wax. When the pencil is rubbed against the paper, the tiny imperfections in the paper hold the wax that has the color. The principle is the same with wax crayons, but the pencil has much harder wax. To test this, colour a piece of paper with the pencil, then hold the drawing to a light bulb. You will find that the colours will "melt" with the heat and get a bit brighter. The wax was absorbed into the paper leaving the colour in the paper bits.

What is the difference between tracing paper and wax paper?

tracing paper is extremely thin translucent ordinary paper, you can write on it. wax paper is paper saturated with wax, you can't write on it.

Can coloured pieces of paper absorb light?

no they can't because they cant reflect

Opaque absorb or reflect light?

if it was say, a piece of paper that was red then it wound absorb all light and reflect red i suppose that would be reflecting and absorbing TRUE

Which absorbs more heat wax paper or black paper?

Wax paper because it has wax in it and if something has wax in it, it attracks to heat and eventually forms it up and lets it out

Does wax paper burn?

Wax paper can burn so it is best not to use it in the oven. A great alternative to wax paper is parchment paper. It will not burn in the oven.

Can you bake pumpkin rolls on wax paper?

Wax paper will burn, use parchment paper.

Which websites have facts about wax paper?

The best website for facts about wax paper is What Is Wax Paper? - wiseGEEK go to this website it is very helpful

What happens when oil is on wax paper?

Oil will slide off of or pool on wax paper. This is because the paper is coated with paraffin wax and is waterproof.

Can light travel through wax paper?

This depends on various properties of the paper i.e. thickness, pigment etc... Generally, if you're referring to the brown wax paper used for polishing, that would also depend on the light source itself. But generally yes, it can if it's thin enough.

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