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Does wes scantlin have kids?

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Wes Scantlin is the singer in the band called "Puddle of Mud. He has a little son named Jordon. He is a wonderful father and provides love and a home for the little guy.

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What is the birth name of Wes Scantlin?

Wes Scantlin's birth name is Wesley Reid Scantlin.

When was Wes Scantlin born?

Wes Scantlin was born on June 9, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Did Wes Scantlin ever sing in nirvana?


What is the lead singer's name from Puddle of Mudd?

Wes Scantlin

How tall is wes scantlin?

Probably around 6 foot

What is the lead singers name in band Puddle of Mudd?

Wes Scantlin is the lead singer for Puddle of Mudd.His full name is: Wesley Reid Scantlin.

Is Wes Scantlin a Christian?

Yes. He said about how God comes to join them on stage and helps them through it.

What rock singer has been banned for life from Graceland?

That was the singer from Puddle of Mudd, Wes Scantlin

Is Wes Scantlin gay?

Definatly not. I went to his concert, and he was far too interested in the "hot chicks"

Is there a picture of jessica smith and wes scantlin?

yes on puddle of mudd merchandise page there are pics of them cute couple

Does wes scantlin have an ex wife?

no but he does have a wife he talks about her in all the interviews and how she is perfect for him, they got married this year, they seem really happy

Is Adam copeland related to wes scantlin?

I don't think they are related, Wes is from Missouri, and Adam is from Canada. They do look a lot alike, and they both play guitar and have similar interests, but I don't think they are related

Is Edge the lead singer of Puddle of Mud?

I know they bear a striking resemblance but edge is not the lead singer of puddle of Mudd. His name is Wes Scantlin.

Who is puddle of mudd?

they are a band the lead singer is called wes scantlin a drummer and two guitar players (they are gorgeous except the guitar player) hnahnahna

Did she have kids?


Who is feature dancer Kristina Marie?

A former exotic dancer that dated puddle of mudd lead singer Wes Scantlin, who she brought along with her on tours to other exotic clubs.

When was Melana Scantlin born?

Melana Scantlin was born on December 4, 1977, in Gladstone, Missouri, USA.

What are the lyrics in the song 'Control' by Puddle of Mudd about?

The song Control by Puddle of Mudd is about vanity and relationships. The song released in 2011 and was written by Wes Scantlin and co-written by Brad Stewart.

Why was wes scantlin banned from graceland?

The singer got into hot water after he got into room temperature water -- namely the H-2-0 filling the pool at Graceland, which he leapt into while on a tour of Elvis Presley'sone-time home. Scantlin, who was apparently fully clothed when he decided he needed a nice refreshing dip and has been banned from the grounds for life.

What movie and television projects has Wes Scantlin been in?

Wes Scantlin has: Played himself in "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn" in 1999. Played Himself - Performer in "MTV Europe Music Awards 2001" in 2001. Played himself in "Last Call with Carson Daly" in 2002. Played himself in "MTV Icon: Metallica" in 2003. Played himself in "10 Things Every Guy Should Experience" in 2004. Played himself in "Puddle of Mudd: Striking That Familiar Chord" in 2005.

Who is Wes Scantlin married to?

her name is jessica smith i met them on tour and she is stunning!!! wes was really cute at saying yea why do ya think i married her! she seemed very down to earth we talked for about ten min at a bar and she is actually really funny to they both have this wacky humor. really cute couple and compliment each other so well!

What is wes welkers 83 foundation?

it is a place where kids can learn to be a better one in get to train with the one and only wes have lots of fun with this dude

Is Wes Scantlin single?

I've been told by alot of people that he is and i recently went and seen them in concert and got to hang with the guys backstage and Wes made a toast saying to being single...well atleast he was single, he isn't anymore, i know who he is dating and i think that she is the best thing ever she even can get me tix for shows now, shes my best friend Yes he is married as of Jan 3, 2008

Who is Alanah on the Nashville Nissan Commercials?

Looks like mode Melana Scantlin to me.

What nicknames does Wes Hubbard go by?

Wes Hubbard goes by Wes Coast, and Wes Hubb.

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