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Does wheat pasta go with tomato sauce?

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Yes, I eat it all the time. But whether or not wheat pasta and tomato sauce go together is really a matter of your individual opinions and tastes.

2007-08-17 02:05:20
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Q: Does wheat pasta go with tomato sauce?
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What are healthy recipes that you can cook?

When you are looking to cook healthy, you can never go wrong with lean proteins and whole grains. Boneless skinless chicken breast, with whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce is a great healthy meal.

How do you make a healthy pizza base?

Go for whole wheat dough, spread thin and keep the tomato sauce. See source for more info.

What is better garlic or onion in pasta?

Either is fine, although the flavors of the pasta changes depending on which one you use. It's best to try both and decide for yourself. If you want something to go with your pasta for flavor I would recommend meat and tomato sauce.

How much is can of tomato sauce?

Go To The Store And Find Out!

What food group does pasta go in?

The whole wheat and grain group

Can you buy wheat free pasta?

Yes you can if it is the store you can go look!

Can you eat expired pasta sauce?

if it doesnt stink its good to go :D

Is pasta sauce processed food?

Yes, pasta sauce is a form of processed food. The main ingredient is tomatoes, and the tomatoes go through a cooking process to become part of the sauce. If the tomatoes were not processed, they would be raw tomatoes.

What kind of meat could go with fresh tomato pasta?

Hamburger or roast beef

How long does it take to make pasta from scratch?

Go and buy pasta from the market.then open the need to take 100 gram pasta person.then take the pasta and follow the following steps. You first take pasta and boil it for 10 to 15 min.Take the boiled pasta and remove extra water,toss it with butter or oil.Then heat a pan and add pasta sauce available at the market or with the onions and tomatoes to make a simple pasta with spices.You can make you own sauce by using tomatoes and other herbs.Then add pasta to the sauce and cook it for 5 to 10 min(s) till it is soaked in the sauce

Does tomato sauce go bad?

Yes, It can "go bad". That is why there is a date on the bottle, stating when it should be used by.

Why does spaghetti sauce go watery when put on spaghetti?

Basically all you did was rinse your spaghetti after you cooked it. You removed the starch which makes the sauce stick. When you do this the pasta becomes waxy and the sauce will run off. Contrary to popular reading, I quit rinsing my pasta after cooking, with the exception of elbow noodles. If you overcook your pasta, you're not allowing it to absorb that last bit of moisture out of the sauce. Best way to avoid watery sauce is to take your pasta out of the boiling water when it is not completely cooked (this is called "al dente"), then, without rinsing it, finish your pasta in the hot sauce until you reach the apropriate doneness.

How many calories in pasta with white sauce?

pasta in white sauce without chicken or vegetables has 250 calories in 100gms cooked pasta.if you add cheese then calories go up depending on amount used.

Do anemones go good with cuttlefish?

yes, in a light garlic/cream sauce, over pasta

Can a unopened can of huntz pasta sauce go bad if left in heat?

yes it can because the metal can burns slightly , causing it to make the pasta burnt

Does cooked tomato sauce go bad if left out over night?

if you must know , yes

What other types of pasta compare to the bucatini pasta?

I would go with penne or rigatoni. I realize that they are wider versions, but the key is the hole in the pasta. The sauce will coat the inside of them. Just like bucatini.

Can pasta sauce and meat go in fridge in stainless steel pot and then go on stove the next day?

yes! by hayley!

Does skunk smell go away on it own when yr dog has been sprayed?

It will take a while but eventually the smell will go. If you apply tomato sauce (as in the one used for pasta) or take your dog to the beach it will help reduce the smell, but never the less it take some time.

Will it hurt a hamster to eat cooked pasta?

Nope, you can feed hamsters pasta, as long as there is no sauce, butter, or salt. Just boil it. Just don't give it him/her if its not cooked. Pasta is a grain, and hamsters can have most grains. So, go ahead give it to them. My hamster likes pasta.

Is too much tomato sauce healthy?

Too much of anything can be a problem. Everything in moderation is a better way to go.

What can you add to a spaghetti sauce when you have too much pepper?

Personally, I would try adding sugar go counteract the pepper taste. That, or more tomato sauce to dilute the pepper flavor.

If you bleached your hair blonde but it has gone green and tomato sauce does not help what do you do?

hey, my opinion is to go to a professional. They will deff be able to sort it out for you.

Is brown rice pasta gluten free?

Yes, gluten is only found in things such as wheat and barely, rice is good to go!

How long is pasta sauce okay in the refrigerator?

It is o.k in the fridge because you can defrost it.But dont keep it in too long or it will go bad!