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Wildfires can be the result weather, human action, or geologic activity. Many fires nowadays are caused by humans being careless with campfires or cigarettes. Some even result from deliberate acts of arson. However, there are also plenty of fires sparked by lighting. This is how most natural fires get started. On rare occasions there is a geologic cause: lava flows from volcanoes can start fires. Note however, that no matter the cause, weather plays a major role in how a fire behaves.

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in a volcano whatdoes the catastrophe have weather geologic or a human cause

geologic for sure. it is possible that weather may play a role, yet i have not noticed any evidence of human causes for a catastrophe.

it hase weather cause the drought is a prolonged period of abnormally low precipitation a shortage of water results from this

Tsunamis are the result of geologic processes.

Tornadoes are produced by weather patterns. This can include hurricanes. Other catestrophes may have different causes.

it's manly caused by weather from HEAVY rainfall

Tsunamis are geologic in origin. Typically they are triggered by earthquakes, but other causes can include landslides and volcanic eruptions.

well there are many ways but the most likely are weather,geologic or humans cause.

Hurricanes are a weather phenomenon and thus have a cause rooted in weather.

Tornadoes are ultimately caused by weather, as they are violenlt weather events.

it has a weather cause. ----- The cause of a hurricane is warm water providing power to rising heated air, which produces a cyclonic set of winds because of the rotation of the earth. I would say geologic is the best description of these three.

Hurricanes have a cause rooted in weather. They can be influenced by geographic formations and there is some evidence that human induced climate change can influence them as well, but not cause them.

They don't, as tsunamis are not related to any weather patter. They cause caused by geologic forces, primarily earthquakes.

Where you are located, the weather will differ. Eg. it will NEVER snow in the desert. Mountains can cause chinooks. Large bodies of water lead to less fluctuations in temperature.

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umn no daaa cuz umn its like god made it happen so yah <3

Geologic features such as bodies of water and mountain ranges influence how different types of air mass and wind patterns move. If the right set of weather patterns converge, as influenced by geology, tornadoes can form.

yes we mainly do the way we treat the earth isn't good we take water from the ground and guess what that leads to a drought so yes we do cause droughts and natural disasters

Human and weather causes. For example, a person might cause it by unattending a camp fire, or discarding a lit cigarette. Or wildfires can be ignited by more natural causes such as lightning for example.

Geology is more of a process than a hazard. Some geologic processes, such as plate subduction, can create conditions that are hazardous to humans such as earthquakes and volcanism.

Seasons cause weather.

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