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Sometimes the sulfates in wine and restaurant salads increase inflammation, and, therefore you would have more pain. As with anything, moderation works. Perhaps some wines have less sulfates. Keep a food diary for a month, also marking down any flares you have and perhaps you can make a connection.

AnswerOsteoarthritis unlike Rhumatoid can be aggravated by wine consumption. Rheumatologist general recommend the patient not consume any wine or substances containing caffeine, especially coffee. Strangely though, red wine is believed to be helpful in reducing the pain of Rhumatoid Arthritis because of the high levels of trans-resveratol. Doctors do agree that both types of the disease are seriously aggravated by the patient being overweight, inactive, having a diet high in fat content and the nemesis of all health issues, smoking.
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Q: Does wine consumption aggravate osteoarthritis
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