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Masters Golf Tournament

Does winning the Masters make you exempt?

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Yes it does.

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How much money do you get for winning the masters?


How much is first prize for winning the masters?


Who is winning the masters right now?

Phil Michelson

Who played most masters with out winning?

julius boros

What is the prize money for winning the Masters?

£1.2 million

If you win a major are you exempt for life?

No. Winning a major gives you a five year exemption on the PGA Tour or European Tour, and entry to all majors for the next ten years. The Masters gives you a life time exemption to The Masters, and some, like The Open give you a life time exemption on the course you won the championship.

What was winning purse 1986 masters golf tournament?


What is a highlight of Tiger Woods career?

Winning his first masters

How much money did Phil Mickelson get from winning the masters?


What is the cash prize for winning the masters golf tournament?


What are the perks of winning the Masters golf tournament?

one million

Who has played the most masters without winning?

Greg Norman

How much does the winning Greyhound win for the Reading Masters in 2008?


How much does the winning caddie earn at the masters?

10% of the player's earnings

Lowest winning score in the masters?

270 (-18) by Tiger Woods in 1997.

Sports highlights for the year 2009?

well i think the australians winning the 4 nations and the storm winning! but tiger woods Aussie masters win was great!

Who has played in the most Masters golf tournaments without ever winning the tournament?

tom locke

Did anyone ever win the Masters after winning the week before?

Only five players (Ralph Guldahl in 1939, Sam Snead in 1949, Art Wall in 1959, Sandy Lyle in 1988 and Phil Mickelson in 2006) have won the Masters after winning the week before.

How much does a caddie get for his golfer winning the masters?

There is no set pay rate for caddies, it would depend on his contract.

How many years exemption if someone wins the Masters at Augusta?

A golfer who wins the Masters is exempt at Augusta for life. In recent years, the Augusta Board of Directors has begun asking older golfers whose skills are in decline not to play.

What do you get for winning the Masters Tournament?

The first place prize cheque, a Green Jacket, a life time exemption to the Masters, and a five year exemption to all the Majors for the next 5 years.

How much money does a teacher with a masters degree make in Georgia?

In Georgia teachers who have a masters degree make $65,000-$75,000 per year. Teachers in Georgia who do not hold a masters degree only make $31,000 per year.

How much did Tiger make at the masters?


What make succeful carer?

a masters degree

Why do they wear green jackets for winning the masters?

The green jacket, actually a blazer, is the official jacket of members of Augusta National Golf Club. The winner of the masters becomes an honorary member and is therefore awarded a green jacket of his own.