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Oh my god, yes. Sex should be em brassed even when a couple is experiencing a difficult time between them. Sex is a powerful tool, but should be used for pleasure, not as a way to control one another.

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Does depakote er cause sexual side effects?

The majority of paych. Meds. Have caused major sexual side effects. Now have Rx for depakote. Are there sexual side effects with this medication ?

Are there sexual side effects of Wellbutrin?

It is the only anti depressant with the least knowen sexual side effects.

What causes mental illness?

drugs, sexual/mental abuse, genetics, environment you live in

Unspoken mental plans that determine how you express your sexual behavior are called?

sexual scripts

Are there sexual side effects of Colchicine?

No there is no sexual side effect

Does Lithium cause sexual side effects?

i have been on lithium for 2 years and have had sexual side effects. i hear if you try an antidepressent such as wellbutrin (that has low sexual side effects) than it could help.

Does welbutrin cause sexual side effects?

Although Wellbutrin may be less likely to cause sexual side effects than other antidepressant medications, sexual side effects are still a possibility. Changes in sex drive and impotence are among the sexual side effects that may occur.

What are types of abuse?

Physical, Mental, Verbal, Sexual...

Why would a girl not want to be eaten out?

Perhaps she is not into that sort of foreplay. Also consider some victims of rape or sexual abuse have some long lasting sexual and mental side effects. I am not saying that the girl in question was raped/abused, but it is a point to consider.

Does swimming effects your sexual life?


What are the 4 types of health?

Mental, oral, sexual, and physical.

What are other common forms of violence?

physical, mental, verbal, and sexual

What are the five types of abuse?

physical, emotional, sexual, mental and verbal

Which abuse is worse?

Mental/Emotional, Physical, and sexual abuse all have very negative effects on a person and it depends on how you personally are able to deal with the type of abuse. Nobody reacts the same to every situation.

How is mental illness factored in the gay community?

mental illness has no correlation to sexual orientation. The gay community is affected by mental illness in the same way that the straight community is.

What are the sexual side effects of seroquel?


Does Zyrexin sexual enhancer have side effects?

i am not sure

Are sexual side effects of ecstacy permanent?

Of course their not

What are two effects of sexual intercoures?

Aids and Herpes

Which sexual problem is showing private parts in public?

It is a mental compulsion, not a sexual problem : Exhibitionism - the need to show your body in public.

What is the definition of fantacies?

mental images of an erotic nature that can lead to sexual arousal

Will taking flexeril cause you to have sexual problems?

Yes, its a muscle relaxant and can cause sexual side effects.

Are there sexual side effects with Finasteride?

Yes, it has been shown to decrease sexual desire in some men.

Do red twizzlers have any sexual side effects on men?


What sexual side effects does smoking spice have?

Erectail dysfunction