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Does women are good than men?

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im sorry i didnt understand the question could you explain it better

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How men and women react in different situation?

Men are good in the physical type than women. Women are more intelligent than men

Why do women make better parents than men?

they don't. men can be just as good as women in parenting.

Why are women not good on sports?

Women are good on sports. The point is that men have 10 times more testosterone than hers. So, sports practiced by women must be completely separated than those practiced by men.

Women are better employers than men?

Either way yes. If you work hard at your job, then you can become really good. It doesn't matter with gender. All it takes is hard work and determination to be a good worker. Men can be better than women. Also, women can be better than men.

Are women stronger than men?

it depends, some women are stronger than men and some men are stronger than women. -- Generally not.

Do women float better than men?

Yes and no because women are lighter than most men but men can be lighter than women

Are the women good professional than men?

yes positivly yes!

Who is good in cooking men or women?

Both are good at it if you practice. Seemingly, women would be more predisposed to have more natural ability than men, but it's knowledge that counts.

Why do women love chocolate more than men?

because it's good and you can't eat men

Why are men quicker than women?

Men are quicker than women because men have more muscle.

Do women have better eyesight than men?

In general, women can see colors better than men, and men can see in the dark better than women.

Do men work harder than women?

men work harder than women

Why are women sexier than men?

Because men don't have to be sexier than women.

Do women have bigger hearts than men?

No, Men have larger hearts than women.

Do women drink more wine than men?

Men drink more than women but when they do drink men tend to prefer beer and women wine. So, yes, women drink more wine than men.

Are men or women stronger?

That depends on the individual. There are some women that are stronger than men. Generally speaking men are usually stronger than women.

Why are men so much better than women?

Men are not better or worse than women.

Is there more women than men?

Some study claim that there are more women than men.

What do men offer women?

Because women are attracted by men and, man & women can be a good couple that's why men offer women.

Are women more skillful at cheating than men?

to telll the truth yes, or maybe because women have more brains then men and men dont have good minds to think a like...

Why are women in prison treated differently than men in prison?

There is no doubt that women do get treated differently than men do in prison. Women have more personal needs than men do. They also need more privacy than men.

Are women good managers?

Women can indeed be really wonderful managers. Women are typically more organized and on top of things than men are.

Do more women win Nobel Prizes than men?

No, more men have won than women. 765 men have won and 32 women have won.

Do women have better dexterity than men?

According to scientific studies, women do have better dexterity than men do. This is because women have better sensory-motor coordination than men.

Why women are stronger than men?

Some women are stronger than men because they work out more or because their arms (for example) are used to lifting somethings and men aren't. No one nows for sure if men are stronger than women or if women are stronger than men. xoxoxox Hope this helps.