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No wayQuite the opposite is true. It may actually stimulate production of human growth hormone. Smoking can stunt your growth, and poor nutrition can, too.Scientific studies have shown that weight training has no negative effects on growth but in fact positive effects.

Weight training will help your muscles and bones get stronger and actually prevent injuries in the future. It wont stunt your growth but make sure you use proper form to help build those muscles and get in shape!

There's also a myth that says growing a six pack could stunt your growth, trust me, if you dont do anything stupid, thatt kind of stuff wont happen! I have a six pack, and I'm like taller than most of my friends!

P.S you may stunt your growth by working out too hard, because working out too hard and making too much muscle will tighten ur skin, n u mite nite grow as u were supposed to. i actually have a friend , he is 19, his dad is tall, but hes like 4 inches shorter than him because when he was 14 he worked out very hard n made his skin too tight to grow. so if ur 13 or 14 u mite experience some extra fat around ur belly n other parts of body, but dnt try too hard to get rid of them becuz u r gona have a growth spurt. hope this info helped

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Q: Does working out as a teen stunt your growth?
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