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Yaz is a Birth Control pill. It is intended to prevent pregnancy.

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Can yaz prevent pregnancy?

Yes, Yaz is the brand name of a ethinyl estradiol-ethynodiol birth control pill. Yaz is a combination estrogen-progestin pill that prevents pregnancy by prohibiting ovulation.

What is Yaz?

YAZ is Birth Control.What are YAZ® prescribed for?For women who choose the Pill for birth control, Beyaz and YAZ are approved to:Prevent pregnancy - 99% effective when taken as directedTreat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) Beyaz and YAZ are not approved to treat Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), a less serious set of symptoms occurring before your periodTreat moderate acne in women at least 14 years of ageSee more at

Can switching from Yaz to generic Yaz increase your chance of pregnancy?

No. But no birth control pill will be 100% safe the maximum is 99.9%.

Can marijuana prevent pregnancy?

no it can't prevent pregnancy

Can bv prevent pregnancy?

BV won't prevent pregnancy.

Does female ejaculation prevent pregnancy?

No, orgasm does not prevent pregnancy.

Does the bipolar drug lithium prevent pregnancy?

Lithium does NOT prevent pregnancy.

Is softdrinks can prevent pregnancy if taken after sex?

No, softdrinks can not prevent pregnancy

Why is that starch prevent pregnancy?

Starch as in pasta, potatoes etc? That does not prevent pregnancy.

Is cytotec good to prevent pregnancy?

No. Cytotec can be used for abortion but not to prevent pregnancy.

Can hot water prevent pregnancy?

NO ! ONLY contraception or abstinence can prevent pregnancy !

How can you prevent pregnancy without side effects?

You can prevent pregnancy by using condoms. abstain from it

Can lemon juice prevent pregnancy?

No. Abstinence or some form of contraceptive will prevent pregnancy.

What should a woman eat to prevent pregnancy?

There is no food that will prevent pregnancy. to prevent pregnancy the boy wears a condom or the girl takes the pill. Please see a doctor or a health clinic to get pregnancy advice.

Does alcohol prevent pregnancy?

Can it affect fertility if you're looking to get pregnant? Sure. Will it prevent pregnancy? No.

What causes breakthrough bleeding after 4 months on Yaz?

If there is breakthrough bleeding four months after taking Yaz, it could be due to a dosage issue. It could also be caused by a pregnancy or health issue.

You took 8 Advil to prevent pregnancy?

Advil don't prevent pregnancy no matter how many you take.

Can condoms prevent pregnancy?

Yes, condoms are one of the most used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. In addition to protecting against pregnancy, they can protect against sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms are absolutely the best way to prevent pregnancy.

What is a thesis statement for teen pregnancy?

You can write about how to prevent teen pregnancy. Or what causes teen pregnancy. Talking about the right form of education to prevent teen pregnancy will work as well.

What drinks and foods prevent pregnancy?

No foods or drinks prevent pregnancy. The only things that prevent pregnancy is abstaining from sex, using protection, and birth control of some sort.condom liquid

Can Taking Diet pills prevent pregnancy?

no it does not prevnt pregnancy

What medication prevents pregnancy?

Contraceptive medications prevent pregnancy

Can vinegar prevent pregnancy?


Does Advil prevent pregnancy?

No it does not.

Can washing out prevent pregnancy?