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If you are talking about the Yorkdale Shopping Mall, yes there is a Cineplex (Silvercity).


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The population of Cineplex Entertainment is 10,000.

No, SPC cards cannot be used at Cineplex.

Cineplex Odeon Films was created in 1978.

Cineplex Odeon Corporation was created in 1979.

Last time I checked, which is about a few weeks ago, they were in the process of opening a PINK by Victoria Secret in Yorkddale, so if that is what you're asking about then yes they are opening a VS in Yorkdale. Actually, yes they actually ARE opening a VS in Yorkdale Victoria Secret AND Pink. are both opening in Yorkdale.

twilight is showing in Seef Mall Cineplex 2 on December 19. It is also showing in Al Jazeera Cineplex and Saar Cineplex.

No, there is one in Yorkdale

Yes you can the booth next to fido.

No. Rainbow Cinemas are not part of the Cineplex chain. Visit to find a theatre near you.

You would need to take the 47b or 47c bus to yorkdale station. From yorkdale station look for the go bus terminal which should be right by the ttc subway.

Yes, it can be on Cineplex.

Yorkdale Shopping Mall is a massive shopping centre located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over 250 stores are contained within and it ranks in as the 5th largest shopping mall in the entirety of Canada.

Get on the Southbound subway from Yorkdale Station (which is connected to Yorkdale Mall) and get off at Spadina subway station. From there take the 510 Streetcar and get off at Sussex Ave or whichever is your stop. You can also get to U of T from St. George Station, Queen's Park station or Museum, but I am not sure which bus you would take from those stations. !

The Yorkdale Shopping centre is a large mall that mostly caters to clientele shopping for high end designers such as Burberry, Michael Kors, etc. Also the center includes dining as well

Some of the stores that sell cheap movies on DVDs are Walmart and Target. One can watch movies in theatres for cheap prices at a cineplex such as Cineplex Odeon.

The corporation that owns "SilverCity Mission" is Cineplex. It is part of the Cineplex cinemas business units. One may find movie schedules and show times directly from the homepage.

i think eaton center not reaaly sure

Passionately delivering an exceptional entertainment experience

Between £6.00 - £11.00 Depends on you age.

Hard to say, but I saw him at the Cineplex once

Kenan and Kel - 1996 Three Girls a Guy and a Cineplex 4-5 was released on: USA: 28 August 1999

Siam Paragon, Bangkok Thailand 'AIS 4DX Cinema" at the Paragon Cineplex

District 9: Backpack District 5: Foxface

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