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There is a fuel shut off switch that switches when an accident occurs, to stop the fuel flow in case of a fire. The switch is usually a yellow button located in the trunk. Look hard; they are high and tight, may be covered with carpet.

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Does auto insurance usually cover physical damage to the engine?

Auto insurance covers damage caused during an accident. If the engine is damaged during an accident that's covered. If it's damaged for any other reason then that isn't covered.

Will putting petrol in a diesel engine car and starting it damage the car?

Yes, putting petrol/gasoline in a diesel engine and running it will cause severe damage to the engine.

By practicing Defense in Depth?

One antivirus engine could be deployed to the clients and an alternate antivirus engine could be deployed to the server.

What can be accomplished by practicing defense in depth?

One antivirus engine could be deployed to the clients and an alternate antivirus engine could be deployed to the server

has engine been damage?

has engine been damage

Is your motor ruined if you used ether or starting fluid to start your 6.2 diesel engine?

There is a chance of it, that engine has glow plugs, starting fluid can explode when the glow plugs come on causing engine damage. Before using starting fluid on this type engine, make sure glow plugs are not plugged in, and can not come on.

Does revving your engine damage it?

No revving your engine dosent damage it.

Will a plugged up catalytic converter damage the engine?

Yes, it can damage the engine.

Will water in gas tank damage car?

damage engine no.. will the engine run no.

Is their damage to a snapped timing ldv?

Well I really have no idea what a ldv is, but if your timing belt breaks and your engine is an interference engine there will be damage. If it is not an interference engine there will be no damage.

What happens if you race the engine while starting it?

well , it depends on your engine type .. If you are using an older vehicle (an engine without MPF-i (fuel injection)) , nothing will happen , the car will just burst to a start , that is all.. But if you are using an engine with MPFi/Fuel injection , it may damage your fuel pump , so it is recommended that you start the vehicle on idle. unless if your car is not starting , you may need to step on the accelerator just a bit .. note : If you are having a K-Series Engine , The engine may quickly jump to 6000 rpm if you raise the engine while starting , and that may damage your emission and fuel injection systems

What is the worst thing to add to gas?

Water, or sugar. Either will prevent an engine from starting or firing and can cause damage to internal components.

Not putting a knock sensor will it damage the engine?

Yes, If it has failed the engine computer will either: A: go into limp mode that will long term cause excess wear on the engine B: Cause the engine computer to incorrectly set the injection and ignition causing massive damage to the engine starting immediately and in a short time (2000-3000 KM) causing a complete failure.

What damage to engine when a timing belt fails?

On an interference engine the pistons can hit the valves. That will cause severe internal engine damage.

Does it damage the engine to turn on the heater before the engine warms up fully?

NO, it will not damage the vehicle engine by turning the heater ON before the engine has warmed up fully.

Will a small amount of gasoline in a diesel engine damage the engine?

No - a small amount will not damage the engine, though may cause it to run badly. However, a larger amount can cause serious damage, and the tank and engine should be drained.

What to do before starting auxiliary engine?

What to do before starting auxiliary engine?

What will happen if you use petrol in diesel engine and diesel in petrol engine?

Petrol in a Diesel will cause serious engine damage if you run the engine. Diesel in a petrol engine and the engine will simply not run. No damage will be done.

If the pistern breaks and drops on the spark plugs of a Volkswagen polo can it damage the engine?

if the piston breaks that is engine damage.

Can a damaged head gasket directly damage your radiator?

No, but it can cause severe engine damage if you keep running the engine.

What happens if petrol is used in diesel engine and vice versa?

If gasoline is used in a diesel it will damage the engine. If diesel is used in a gasoline engine it will do no real damage as the engine will not run.

What if car has no coolant antifreeze is empty what damage can it do?

The engine will overheat and can cause severe engine damage. The engine will be completely ruined if it is not immediately shut off.

Will a failed timing belt in a 1990 Eclipse that lost power and rolled to a stop cause serious engine damage to the point of needing to replace the engine?

The 1.8L is not an interference engine, so you should not have internal damage. The 2.0L is an interference engine. Internal engine damage is likely.

Collision Repair Shop?

form_title=Hire a Collision Repair Shop form_header=After an accident, restore your vehicle to working condition. Where was the area of collision?=_ Is the engine currently functional?= () Yes () No Describe the damage:=_

What is an engine damage report for ships?

sample of marine damage report