Does your birth month affect your personality?

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There is no evidence that the date of your birth affects your personality. This said being born at times of the year when there is little foo, swarms to poisonous bugs, freezing cold, broiling heat, wars, plagues and such can impact your lifespan considerably.
Alone, being born in a certain month does not indicate a particular personality. The month one is born within indicates the Sun sign of that given person. The Sun sign influences the native's ego and basic goals in life.
In Chinese astrology the month a person is born in can indicate particular personality traits. The month animal in the four pillars (the Chinese horoscope) is called the inner animal and represents the person a native wants to be, their parents, love life and influences compatibility with others.
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When you stop taking birth control pills after 3 months does it affect your period?

Answer . \nIf you were taking birth control pills and stop it may take a few\nmenstrual cycles for your period to become regular again. If you have sex\nduring those few months and do not wish to become pregnant employ a condom.\nWomen have been known to be especially susceptible to multiple pre ( Full Answer )

How much power does a person have when they have had a relative's child since birth for 20 months but only has power of attorney over that child and the natural mother wants the child back?

There seems to be a little confusion over the terminology involved, an adult cannot have POA over a minor, if such a document was initiated, it is not legally binding. However,if the adult who now has the child has been granted legal guardianship, the biological mother will need to file a motion for ( Full Answer )

Can you give birth at 5 months?

It has been known to happen, but is highly risky and not all babies survive because their little lungs, skin, etc., are not developed enough. Still, miracles never cease. . Yes, its happened and its not a good think. The baby most likely will have medical issue's or could be lost. The baby won' ( Full Answer )

How can birth control affect population?

Answer . The population will not increase in a significant way, and will be able to be maintained almost constantly at a certain range. Unlike the case in certain countries, where a lot of families always come up with 6-7 children, they learn their way of life, and they do the same in the future ( Full Answer )

If a person of the age of consent gets married with an underage person with parental consent and the underage person gives birth several months after would the older person get in trouble?

Answer . This is how you ask a person out on a date. . Start making a regular conversation like say you were asking out a girl named Emma you say "Hi Emma, hows it going?" . and she might say "Good, hows it going with you?" and you might say "Good." You stop and see what Emma has to say if ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular birth month?

In the US, August usually has the most births per year. July and September are the next most popular and in some years surpass August. Summer months have higher birth rates than winter months with February having the least number of births.

What can affect your personality?

Peer pressure, . divorce of parents, . loss of a girl friend that you loved, . stress in school or at home . community . education . peers in general . heredity . birth order . environment . parents yelling at you

Which is the month with more birth?

According to the Related Link: "The most popular month for births in the US is August, followed by October. Statistics indicate that 9.2 percent of births occur in August."

Does cipro affect birth control?

No. Some types of antibiotics interact poorly with birth control, but Cipro (the brand name of ciproflaxin) should be safe to take with birth control pills.

Do antihistamines affect birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between antihistamines and the pill, patch, shot, ring, IUD, or contraceptive implant. No, you're safe =]

On birth control but a month late?

Perform a pregnancy test. If you've missed any pills this can delay your period and also put you at risk of pregnancy.

What affect does birth control have?

there are many forms of birth control , I'm currently on microgynon which is a pill for helping my periods work and stopping me getting pregnant. but like i said are many. birth control is to allow periods to flow freely without pain or side effects such as vomiting. i use microgynon for less pin ( Full Answer )

Do steroids affect birth control?

Steroids do not have a proven impact on birth control. However, similar to antibiotics, it is not said to be safe anymore. A woman on steroids should always use an additional protection, such as a condom, for at least 2 weeks. She should also continue taking the birth control like usual. Sometimes d ( Full Answer )

What is the most common birth month?

According to a ranking based on how many babies were born in the United States on that date between 1973 and 1999, published in the NY times, the 6 most popular birthdays, in order, are: Sept. 16, Sept. 9, Sept. 23, Sept. 17, Sept. 22, Sept. 21. However, at least two sources cite a representative ( Full Answer )

What are the birth stones for each month?

January Birthstone: Garnet or Rose Quartz . February Birthstone: Amethyst or Onyx . March Birthstone: Aquamarine or Bloodstone . April Birthstone: Diamond or Rock Crystal . May Birthstone: Emerald or Chrysoprase . June Birthstone: Alexandrite, Moonstone or Pearl . July Birthstone: Ruby or Carn ( Full Answer )

You are a surviving twin before birth your mother miscarried at 4 months and you were still in the womb what affects would that have on you as a twin Would there be a lost connection a missing link t?

This is a psychological question rather than a pregnancy one. My husband is an identical twin, and we have fraternal twin son/daughter. when asked what it is like being a twin they can't say, any more than I can say what it is like to be a singleton.. Elvis Presley was a twin, his twin died at birt ( Full Answer )

If you take birth contol for three months does it affect you?

Well, it'd keep you from getting pregnant as a start..... There are side effects to all medications, and the pill is no exception. Some people report mood swings, reduced sex drive, irritability, tender mucuous membranes, and other issues. More important is probably that birth control pills can put ( Full Answer )

What is the birth stone for the month of January?

Garnet is the gem stone listed for the entire month of January. You may also add Apache Tear, Diamond, Falcon's eye, Hematite, Jet, Onyx, Ruby, and Topaz if you are a Capricorn (Jan 1st to Jan 19th) and Amazonite, Amber, Aquamarine, Hematite, Jet, Onyx, Sapphire, Topaz if you are an Aquarius (Jan ( Full Answer )

Can you give birth at 6 months?

yes, I would know! I was a child born at approximately 6 months and a week. However, It does not come without severe health issues to the baby. I had a grade three bleed in my brain and a PDA ( a hole in a vessel leading out of my heart.) The hole was successfully repaired and I am a fully healthy i ( Full Answer )

What month has the highest birth rate?

"More newborns arrive during the late summer and early fall months of July, August, and September than any other time of the year. In 2006, August hosted the most U.S. baby births."

Birth flower for the month of June?

Rose or Honeysuckle Meanings : . Rose: Love and Appreciation. Red: I love you. White: innocenceand purity. Yellow: jealousy or a decrease in love. A bouquet:sincere gratitude. A single rose: "I REALLY love you".], etc. . Honeysuckle: everlasting bonds of love

How do your birth order has affected your personality?

Some people believe. It's not definite, but here are what is thought to be: . Oldest child: The elder children, though usually the most commanding and outspoken ones, are also very intelligent and capable, and typically the most responsible. They are often the easiest to deal with. . Middle Child ( Full Answer )

What are the birth stones for all the months?

Here is a diagram of the Birth Stones . January- Garnet . February- Amethyst . March- Aquamarine . April- Diamond . May- Emerald . June- Pearl . July- Ruby . August- Peridot . September- Sapphire . October- Opal . November- Topaz . December- Turquoise . You can find this ( Full Answer )

Citrine is the birth stone for which month?

Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November . November has two (2) birthstones. The birthstones for the month of November are topaz and citrine.

How affective are birth control shots?

I've been getting the shot every 3 months for 4 years now without using protection and it has work just fine for us. No babies!

Can a person not sleep for 3 months?

People can develop a mental illness called insomnia which means they can't sleep without drugs, so I guess it is theoretically possible for someone to sleep for 3 months but personally, I have never heard of that happening to anyone.

What months birth stone is pink?

January: Garnet Dark Red February: Amethyst Pink/ Light red March: Aquamarine Blue April: Diamond White May: Emerald Green June: Pearl White/Pink July: Ruby Medium Red August: Peridot Yellow September: Sapphire Blue October: Opal Blue green November: Topaz Orange/ Yellow Decemb ( Full Answer )

Does lipofuze affect birth control?

I have been taking Lipofuze for 3 days, and i I have been taking Loestrin for about a year or two. I only take birth control to make my periods regular (I am not sexually active). On the third day of Lipofuze I had some spotting (which is about a week before my scheduled period)

Does Benzonatate affect birth control?

No - the two do not interact in any way. Just make sure that you take your birth control regularly as per usual. Yes, Benzonatate is a cough suppressant.

What month has onyx as a birth stone?

Onyx is not a traditional birthstone. But Onyx gemstone is the birthstone for the month of February, while it is the mystical stone for December and a lucky charm for people under the Leo zodiac sign. Onyx is likewise the tenth wedding anniversary gemstone. . January . Garnet . Februa ( Full Answer )

What are factors affecting birth rate?

- Access to birth control - Sex Education - State of personal economy - Rural vs Urban lifestyle (higher in rural economies, lower in urban) - race/culture/nationality - Access to medical care

What was the closest month to Jesus birth?

Probably October. Jesus, fulfilling the Mosaic Law, was called "our Passover lamb"(1Corinthians 5:7)because he served as the sacrifice presented at that final Passover celebration on the Jewish month of Nisan(Abib) 14, 33CE (Matthew 26:17-30; 1Corinthians 11:23-25)(Leviticus 23:5)(Exodus13:4). He ( Full Answer )

Can a person be a millionaire in 6 months?

Douglas Vermeeren, on the WordPress site, Douglasvermeeren's Blog, examines the proposition of taking one dollar and turning it into $1,000,000.00 in 180 days. Read his blog on the link below..

What months do cheetahs give birth?

Cheetah's mate and reproduce all year round. They don't have any mating season as such. After a gestation period of around 90 to 98 days, a female give birth to a litter of upto 9 cubs. But, the average litter size is between 3 to 5 cubs. The cubs weigh an average of 150 to 300 grams at birth and st ( Full Answer )

How does the birth of a sibling affect you emotionally?

Well, because all people are different, it entirely depends on the individual. For some people, the birth of a sibling causes upset and jealousy. For others, it is exciting and enjoyable to have a new sibling.

What is the birth stone for the month November?

Birth stone for the NOvember month is the Topaz and Toumaline. Topaz stands for hope, faith, confidence and tourmaline stands for balance, endurance, safety.

Can a person live in Antarctica for a month?

There is no accommodation on Antarctica for casual living orpermanent living of any duration. If you are hired by a country to perform science about the healthof planet earth, or work in support of science, you may be able tolive on Antarctica for up to 12 months -- a limit imposed by somecountries ( Full Answer )