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Absolutely not. Radium is a highly radioactive alkali earth metal, and, though some of the elements from this chemical group are critical for life (if you don't have them you die), this one is to be avoided if it is at all possible. Zero radium is a good amount to have in your body any time. All the time, too.

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What would your body do without diffusion?

your body wouldn't function correctly

What is the function of lipids in cells?

It has structual components that tell the body what to do and how to function correctly!

When the body's countless parts function correctly the body is in a state of?

Homeostasis (or equilibrium, whichever you prefer)

Where radium is found in you?

Fortunately radium don't exist normally in the human body; after an unhappy internal contamination radium can be fixed in bones.

Does your body consist of radium?

Fortunately, no !

How does the heart work with other system to keep the body happy?

it gives blood to the other parts of the body to help them function correctly

How do genes affect drug addiction?

They don't, drug addiction is simply your body, having functioned with drugs for so long, requiring drugs to function "correctly" i use the quotation marks because your body doesn't actually function correctly with drugs it just begins to think it needs the drugs to function and that's why you get withdrawl.

Why oxygen is important to your lives?

Oxygen is what you breathe in, and what your body needs to function correctly (and what you need to survive actually)

What would happen to the cell and body function if there were damage to the DNA?

The cell would not function correctly perhaps becoming cancerous. If cells do not function as they should, the body will not either. This says nothing about damage to the DNA it just talks about the cells!

What is the function of the large intestines?

They are bigger than the small intestines. And they are vestigial which means that they are not needed in order for the human body to function correctly.To de-water the feces.

Can the body function correctly with one kidney?

Yes it can. For example people with kidney transplants only have one kidney.

What illness is treated using radium?

Cancer. Is is sometimes cured by the beams of radium, treatinc cancer in and outside of the body.

What is the importance of the Golgi body in humans?

The importance of the Golgi body is to make sure the macro-molecules get to the right place. If they didn't then the cell wouldn't function correctly.

Why does the heart muscle require a blood supply?

because all your body needs blood to be able to function

Why do all cells need DNA?

So that the cells can function correctly. (EX- DNA dictates the function of cells in the body. Also, the cell could not carry out protein synthesis)

What does radium do to your body?

Radium is a radioactive chemical element, very dangerous, an alpha radiations emitter; radium is also a source of radon, by decay - radon (gas) is also a radioactive element. But radium was used in the past for the raditherapy of some cancers.

What does a Goldi body do for a cell?

The primary function of the golgi apparatus in our bodies is to package macromolecules such as lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, and proteins that our bodies require to function.

Why does your body require a continuous amount of oxygen?

first so you wont die and the cells need to to function properly

Which tissues in the body require the greatest strength?

Organ tissues because they're vital to survival and bodily function.

How does your body go to sleep?

Sleep is the body's natural response when it is suffering from "fatigue". The body must have a certain level of rest in order to function correctly and recuperate from muscle fatigue.

How many hours of sleep does a human body need?

The human body need a totall of 9 hours of sleep during the day or night to function correctly the next day.

Why radium is not used instead of uranium?

Radium is highly radioactive (even radon gas is also radioactive). Radium has the potential to cause great harm - intake/inhalation, injection/shot, ingestion/consumption or body exposure to radium can cause cancer and other disorders.

Why do human bodies need to regulate between 96ยบF and 100ยบF?

It is the temperature range at which the cells that make up the body work the most efficiently. Any lower and they can't support the functions necessary to keep the body alive. Any higher and they begin to "cook". Because of homeostasis and negative feedback. if bodies become too hot or too cold the body is unable to function correctly. For example if various enzymes(the catlysts for chemical reactions in the body) are too hot they cease to function in the body. so the body works to maintain a temperature that it can function correctly at and therefore continue running effectively.

Why does the skeletal system need other body systems?

So the system can function correctly, as well as many others. Muscular, ciculatory, etc...

What is the function and use of sugar?

Well the use is to sweeten meals up. The function, if i remember correctly, is that since sugar is glucose, it provides energy to the brain and it gets stored in your body like carbs.