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does he love you?He could be wary of giving too much. maybe he loved her with everything and she stole that trust from him. maybe he isn't the "in your face" emotional open kind. he could be telling you every day he loves you with small things you are missing. my suggestion is open honesty. ask him. AnswerI don't think you should ask him directly. Ask one of his buddies to take him out for a beer or something and start a conversation about you.
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What does it mean when your boyfriend says that your going to be together for eternity?

It Means That Your Boyfriend Really Really Loves You And Wants to be together with you for ETERNITY <3 thats so adorable

Were Romeo and Juliet boyfriend and girlfriend?

They really never were boyfriend and girlfriend. almost instantly after they met they planned to get married, and they got married the day after they met so i really wouldn't call that dating or anything.

I am 23 My boyfriend is 19 We've been together for 8 months I'm really ready to get married but he isn't What do it do Am I crazy for thinking that I need to get married?

If you are ready to get married but your boyfriend of 8 months is not ready to settle down, he just feels that you are going too fast and may be you should just go slow about it.

Ok so ive been on and off with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years now but before that we where together straight for 2 years and you really really love him but will you ever be together again?

if he is that special one then everything will work out fine.

Are you really common law married in Alabama if you lived with your boyfriend for only 5 years?

no but if u have lived with your boyfriend then you would only be allowed to be married in a court. You can not be married in a church because marriage is about being patient and waiting after you are married.

Is it weird to be 14 years old and have never had a boyfriend before?

Not really, you can get a boyfriend whenever you want, my sister had her first boyfriend when she was 21

How should your boyfriend behave when you are together with his friend girl?

Just like he does with anyone else, or he isn't really a good boyfriend!

Why shouldn't the bride and groom sleep together the night before their wedding?

Because they aren't really married then. It's alright for the bride and groom to sleep together on the night OF the wedding though.

How do you a boyfriend at 11?

you don't need a boyfriend @ 11...seriously you don't really need to even think about getting married until 18...

Were Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher really married?

No. They acted in the movie "Just Married" together.

How do you scare your boyfriend?

Tell him you're pregnant by another guy before your boyfriend and the baby is not his.That will really scare him.

What should you do if you have a boyfriend that you really like but you also really like someone else?

You should decide who you would be the happiest with. If you really think that you and your current boyfriend are right for each other, then try and forget the other boy and focus on your boyfriend. But if you think that you and the other guy would be happier together, tell your boyfriend that things weren't working out and that you like someone else, but be nice about it, because your boyfriend has feelings, and you should still care for him because you were going out. Make sure the other boy likes you back before you tell your boyfriend

If an 18 year old is living with her boyfriend from the time she was 17 can he clame her on his taxes?

not really you are not married.

What are the signs that your boyfriend likes your friend?

signs for that are: - if he checks her out when she walks by -if he and her are really giggly together

Who is soumya seth real life boyfriend?

Shaheer sheikh.Both of them really look nice together. I feel they are meant to be together.

What if you were together for a year and 7 months and you really believe he is the one for you?

then get married.. ^_^

Can my boyfriend be faithful to me if he cheated before?

If he REALLY loves you then yes. But theres no garentee.

Do Spyro and Cynder get married?

Cheese and butter are really good together, Cheese and butter are really good together everyone likes it. How do you like my song

If you and your boyfriend been together for 5 years are you technically married?

No. Some states have "common law" marriage decrees but it really depends on where you live, but even in that case you are not technically married in the complete full sense of marriage. Being married entails much more than just being together, and it should be a commitment between the two of you to spend your lives together with some sort of legal ceremony/paperwork. It may feel like you are married but marriage honestly changes things a lot.

What if your cyber boyfriend is married and you are half world away from him do you think he loves you?

If he really - truly - loves you .. he would not be married and have a wife ... you would be his 'one and only' love.

If you have a boyfriend and he treats you well but won't stay overnight--what does that mean?

he might be married, or have really strict parents

Is someone like you by Adele a wedding song?

It's about her boyfriend getting married really quickly after they broke up...

Your fiance live in the US and you want to live together before getting married how can you do that been a Canadian wanting to live in the US?

just go and live there with him. and if you and him really want to live together and you are thinking of living together in the US then become and US siticine. just go and live there with him. and if you and him really want to live together and you are thinking of living together in the US then become and US siticine.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is legally separated from his wife in the UK?

if they have no contact together and if he really doesnt like this UK girl and if he has paper that there really divorce

How do kiss your boyfriend if you are both really shy?

Both you put your lips together preety easy bro