Does your credit history in a different country transfer?

No, it does not, and this can be a benefit as well as a big problem. If you have outstanding debts, they will not report to American credit bureaus. However, this can also pose a problem if you are trying to buy a home in another country and you have no credit in that country. Also keep in mind: if this or a similar situation DOES occur, and you need credit, an option is to have an international credit report pulled by your lender (based on the country you are from). It may be your only option, so if you don't keep your credit in good standing in your home country, it may very well come back to haunt you! More input from FAQ Farmers: * When I first came to the US (as an adult) I had no credit history at all. American Express was very glad to issue me a local credit card with the same conditions as my foreign-issued American Express credit card. This was great since I began building a history right away.