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Be careful, because when some single women go to weddings, something strange comes over them. They see their friends getting married and they start to have those urges to get married themselves. It is during this time some young woman and men can get into trouble if they rush into relationships just to get married. It is possible she realizes she misses you, but I'd take it slow and easy. As far as her getting mad at you all the time either she is one cranky young woman (count your blessings that she's your ex) or you weren't making an effort in your relationship and made her angry. If you love her and you think you can improve on your relationship then ask her out on a date, but again .... take it slow and easy. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Does your ex-girlfriend still like you if she broke up with you and went to a wedding and now she is talking to you really nice when she usually gets mad for no reason?
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