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I would give her another chance if she is asking for one. Some men aren't famous for working on their relationships so it's quite common for the woman to feel taken advantage of. You two need to sit down and talk things out. If you feel her reasons for being flatted with attention by someone else is reasonable then you both need to pull up your socks and start working together. How hard did you try in the relationship? How hard did she try in the relationship? These are questions you are going to have to find the answers to and the only way to do that is by sitting down and talking it over together.

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Do gay people deserve a chance?

Yes. All people deserve a chance. To think otherwise would be cold and heartless.

How can you make your ex go back out with you?

Tell them you really miss and like them and that you want another chance (if you feel you deserve another chance.) Response Yeah, I tried that but it didn't work (I do deserve another change because we only broke up because on a date he ran off and left me on my own, I didn't do anything.) Another Answer: There was some reason why he took off and left you alone in the first place. It sounds like he is just not that into you. Besides, do you really want to be with someone you have to force yourself on. If you've told him how you feel and he isn't willing to give you another chance, move on. He obviously has.

Why does the White Witch deserve a second chance in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

I don't remember when she gets a second chance, but I know that Aslan is depicted at the Christ-like character, so he gives everyone another chance because of that.

Is the cheater deserve a second chance?

He deserves a second chance but not a third chance. ^_^nope because he did it once and could do it again

Why give someone another chance?

I honestly have been through relationship drama but it all depends on what that person has done to you.I don't think that someone deserves a second chance if they cheated on you because I've been through that and have seen many friends who've done the same and you still end up getting hurt. But if you trust this person enough then take a chance and go for it.Give that person a second chance if they simply deserve it, if they don't and you don't trust it then don't. They'll understand.

When will animals be treated fairly?

When people realise humans are no better and that they deserve a chance.

If someone was fired from a bank for misconduct can they get a second chance at another bank?

I have heard of cases like that and have gotten another job at another bank. good luck.

Cet can a passed supplementary get cet ranking?

yes they have to get it..even they deserve a second chance

What does lucky mean?

If someone is lucky, then good things happen to them even if they don't deserve it. having success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions

I was dating a guy and I dumped him twice and I have never believed someone should have a third chance at something because they wasted their second so do you think i have another chance?

Well, he's not perfect from the sound of it, but maybe give him another chance. If he fails that, just leave him.

If my exgirlfriend is with a boy and i still love her and want her back does that mean i dont have the chance to have her back bc she is with someone?

If your ex is with another boy, and you still love her, you may have a chance to win her back. She may have moved on or she may be willing to give your relationship another chance.

If you have a relationship with someone when your 5th grade what chance do you have of staying together forever?

oh honey you have almost 0.000005 chance out of 10 to stay with him/her sorry its true im a 7th grader

Do believe women should stay at home?

#1, that is a matter of personal opinion. #2, women deserve the same rights, and privilege and responsibilities as men. P.S. someone please correct my spelling if you get the chance.

Are Chance and risky together?

No my understanding is that Chance is gay.

If a guy thinks of breaking up with you but doesn't dose he deserve you?

There's a good chance he doesn't

Why did your guy give you another chance?

your guy gave you another chance because he loves you and trusts you good enough to give you another chance.

What is another word for to take a chance?

another word for taking a chance is dare

Why should offenders be given another chance?

another chance to do what? try it again?

Does anyone deserve a second chance?

Everyone deserves a second chance. Not too quickly though. They need plenty of time in between to regret what they did. -DJ Craig

Why did he leave you for another girl?

talk to him. ask him why! he might tell you a lie; or possibly (hopefully) the truth. but he is a jerk anyway for leaving you. if he asks for another chance, dont give him it. he is only asking for one because the other relationship didnt work out. he doesnt deserve you.

Shoul you trust someone that broke your heart?

If a person broke your hear once it is wise not to give them another chance to do it again.

How would you felt if you had been a slave freed?

I would have felt great because we all deserve to have a chance.

Is there anyone willing to give a second chance to someone who has made poor choices in the past Is there anyone out there who doesn't discriminate against a criminal background?

I'm looking for a second chance too. No i don't have a criminal background but i have made some very poor choices. I think the fact that we realise that shows we have grown and do deserve a second chance. I want nothing more

If your boyfriend cheated on and you broke up and now he wants you back should you give him a second chance?

Yes you need to give a second chance to every one what if your bf really want you to come back to him again it means that your bf really love you even he cheats on you every one of us deserve a second chance but that depends on you if you think your bf will do that again then don't give him a chance but remember every one of us deserve a second chance

What is the duration of Another Chance film?

The duration of Another Chance - film - is 1.65 hours.