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Does your ex have to sign over the title of the car you co-signed for and he let get repoed and is now in your possession and which you have paid off?


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2015-07-15 18:34:46
2015-07-15 18:34:46

IF his name is on the TITLE and you want it OFF the title, you get him to sign. Otherwise, he can drive it tooooo.


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turning over the title is NOT the only way to record a lien on your car. IF the lender did it correctly, YES, it can be repoed.

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A borrower should not have a title in their possession that they have borrowed money against. This belongs with the lender. Should the borrower sell the car, they would be libel.

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Both have equal right to possession unless and until some over riding legal action takes place. EG: The dealer or other owner removes his/her name. The courts order the title to be assigned to one or the other person and so on.

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Ask the person on the title to repossess the car. You may have legal liabilities until the car title is properly transferred.Another PerspectiveA person can't sign over the Certificate of Title if it's not in their own name. That would be fraud and forgery. The person on the Certificate of Title must sign it over to the person in possession. If that is not possible then the title cannot be transferred legally and the person who is in possession of the car will not be able to register it or sell it. You'll just have to forget about it. Ownership of that vehicle is in the twilight zone until it is transferred properly.

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