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In the first place, WHY DO YOU TREAT HER BAD?!!!!!!! She may still love him because YOU TREAT HER SO BAD and THREATEN HER. Have a peaceful talk with her but have someone else present there, like her best friend or ask her best friend if she likes him. If she does, don't try to fight back. Let her go if you really love her. Be a lover, not a fighter. If she loves him, man, she belongs with him.

2006-09-02 00:25:38
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If he still calls his ex girlfriend?

Its not an ex-girlfriend. Maybe he calls for a bootycall

What do you call your girlfriend when she calls you hubby?


What does Anti-girlfriend mean?

its the girl that you like and your girlfriend is jealous of, therefore she hates her and calls her your "anti-girlfriend"

How do you know when a guy is considered as your boyfriend?

When he calls you his girlfriend.

What do you say if someone calls your girlfriend hot?


Why is he calling you when he has a girlfriend?

because he likes you more if he calls you and still has a girlfriend. (from a guys point of view)!

What do you do if your girlfriend calls you another mans name?

ask to meet that man!!!

What to do if your girlfriend ignores you for days without any messages or calls?

get a life!!!

What does a ghost say when he calls his girlfriend on the phone?

it depends on the ghost ;O

What do you say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone in high-School?

There are several things one can say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone. You can ask how their days went, if they want to see a movie, or just ask about their hobbies.

Does buckethead have a girlfriend?

i heard he had a girlfriend eho he calls big d, he wrote a tribute song to her, but i dont know if its true...

What does it mean when a man calls a woman his partner?

When a man calls a women his partner it just means like your wife or girlfriend It's just a cover up if you feel uncomfortable saying wife or girlfriend Answer I think it would mean that you're more than a girlfriend but not a wife. To me, a "partner" has a stronger meaning than "girlfriend".

Who is Rafael Nadals girlfriend?

Maria Francesca Perello Rafa calls her ''Mary''

Why does your girlfriend answer your texts but not your phone calls?

Hard to say. Maybe you should ask her.

Your Chinese speaking girlfriend calls you Shuaige what can you call her in return?

"Liang'mei" or "Mei'nv".

What are good signs that your ex still loves you?

allways calls you. Always visits you. If has a new boyfriend/girlfriend and pays attention to you and not to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

When your girlfriend calls your tracfone the phoneyour phone rejects the call automaticly rejects the no?


Signs to know that your ex girlfriend still love you?

she calls, mails you and ask you out again.

I like this guy and he has a girlfriend but she treats him really bad She calls him names and tells him to fudge off?

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend who treats him, calls him names, and tells him to fudge off, the best thing to do is be his friend. You can also remind him that he deserves to be treated better.

How do you deal with an emotional drunk If your boyfriend or girlfriend calls you while drunk and starts fights and then puts themselves down how do you go about dealing with that?

When you see them and they are sober, explain that you will no longer accept phone calls from them when they are drunk. Tell them how it makes you feel. And, then when they do call, and you recognize they are drunk, state that you did tell them that you would not be taking phone calls from them when they have been drinking and gently hang up. When they don't get the fix of having you listen, they will stop calling.

What if your girlfriend has boyfriends and calls her?

i reccommend that you re-write this question, becausse it doesnt make sense.

Does Derek like Emily?

yes... They start dating in Surprise! when Derek calls her his girlfriend! <3

Is LeBron James in a reationship?

Hes not Married but yes hes in a relationship but he calls his girlfriend his wife

When a guy calls a girl a hina what does that mean?

He's basically calling her, his girlfriend or an attractive girl.

What is the meaning when a french calls you his main girl?

it means you his main girlfriend ' but he has more than one .