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Does your hair grow quickly?

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How quickly do dogs hair grow?

Depends on the dog.

How do you make short hair grow back quickly?

To make short hair grow back quickly brush it frequently and for long periods. This will stimulate bloodflow to the scalp and increase hair growth rates.

How quickly does hair grow?

well it depends. some people grow hair faster than others. everyones different.

How can you make your hair grow very quickly?

To make your hair grow long you need to drink lots of milk and take caclium pills.

Will biotin grow your hair quick?

Yes, biotin can help hair grow quickly. Especially if it's taken along with protein and Vitamin B.

How do you grow your hair longer quickly?

The best way to get long hair quickly is to have hair extensions put in. In lieu of that, taking vitamins and eating right is the best way to help hair grow. Specifically, taking biotin or prenatal vitamins are a good idea because they are great for healthy hair growth.

What to drink to make your hair longer?

There's no special drink to magically grow amazing hair. But getting a little trim every now and then can help your hair grow more quickly.

How do you grow your hair out quickly?

or a wig too you could see a hair dresser or not cut and take care of it too!

How do you grow long hair quickly?

Hair grows at about a half inch every month. Using Vitamin E on the hair or eating it can help the hair start to grow faster. Another way is to wash the hair regularly and condition it.

How can i grow my hair really fast ASAP?

The easiest way to get your hair to grow quickly is to cut it. Just trim all of the dead ends and it will grow in fast. Wash regularly but don't use a blow dryer or heat to style and your hair should start to grow.

Does hair on legs grow more quickly after shaving?

True i don't know why but yes it does

Why doesn't the hair on your arms grow as fast as the hair on your head?

This is because of evolution--genes control how quickly hair grows on certain parts of the body. A mutation in these genes can cause the genetic disease called hypertrichosis, which is a condition that makes hair grow much more quickly in certain areas than it usually would.

Facial hair can grow when you shave?

There is medication on the Internet that increases hair Link /

How fast does the hair of black people grow?

The same rate as for Caucasians and Asians. But as many African-Americans have very thick, dark, curly hair, it may not appear to grow out as quickly.

How do you grow puberty hair over night full?

Pubic hair does not grow overnight, and there really isn't much you can do to increase the rate of growth. But it does happen pretty quickly and before you know it you will have a full adult distribution of hair.

How do make your hair get long?

a lot of protein seems to have a great affect on hair growth. it also makes your nails grow very quickly.

Does human hair grow faster or animal hair?

ummm................ I'm pretty sure that in the winter animal hair grows quickly than human hair. but then in summer human hair increases so it is about the same rate.

Can you use vegetable oil to ake your hair grow?

Yes I think you can use it, but i think that using oils like coconut, or almond oil is more appropriate and it would make your hair grow quite quickly.

If you have short hair how long will it take to grow back?

In order to grow the maximum length, you need to eat right, take vitamins, and trim them to 10 I see my sister is such a special pulse massager for hair and scalp, which she bought on After a few treatments the hair begins to grow very quickly.

Does chest hair test the same as head hair for THC?

If the hair came from the same person, the results will be similar. Chest hair doesn't grow as quickly as head hair and falls out sooner so the time period would have to be adjusted.

Does smoking weed makes your hair grow?

my hair has always grown quickly and I dont smoke weed. On top of this I a veggie which lots of people continually try to tell me is bad for me. I eat lots of dairy and nuts though so maybe that helps you hair grow.

Does zinc help grow your hair?

zinc does not help grow your hair selenium helps grow your hair!

How long does it take to grow a fringe 6 inches?

I dunno really it just depends how quickly your hair grows. Do you know?

How do you grow hair quickly?

mane n' tail shampoo really helps.If you wee in a pot and mix it with bleach and lemon juice, I find that this helps the hair to grow fast, and also makes it extremely soft and in good condition! :)

How does my penis grow hair?

does the hair grow on the dick?