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Does your high school GPA include all four years or is it from freshman year to junior year?



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Your overall high school GPA will include all of your years at high school. However, when applying to colleges, different rules apply. Obviously, the standards of all colleges are different, however, most are the same. Most colleges only look at your GPA from sophomore year and junior year. Freshman year is glanced at, but not given much importance to, and senior year doesn't matter much because by the time you're a senior, you'll already have been accepted into a college or rejected by it. However, that does not mean the senior year is unimportant. If the colleges see a sudden change in your grades...for whatever reason...slacking, "senior-itis", they can still kick you out before you even enter. The GPA necessary for attending varies with each college. However, in most places, colleges do not look at the grades you receive for physical education (PE). That part is normally left out of your GPA for colleges. Yet to answer the main question, when you graduate from high school...your overall GPA is determined by all four years of your school...the GPA that is on your transcript.