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May be he is just busy in his work! There is always two sides of a coin, he does likely.

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How long was Trish Stratus with her husband before they were married?

6 months

Your husband and you were together three months you bought the car before you were married it is in your name and he took it and will not return it it has been four months and you report it stolen?

if it was your car before you were married, has stayed in your name only, he ha no legal claim to the car unless a judge gives it as part of the settlement.

How many years do you have to be together to be legaly married?

If you live together for 6 months, you are legally commonlaw, you can get married anytime you want.

How old was Selena quintanillas husband when they got married?

Chris Perez was a few months away from his 23rd birthday when he married Selena

What if you were together for a year and 7 months and you really believe he is the one for you?

then get married.. ^_^

Can you stay girlfriend to a boy who you liked and asked you out but who you where best friends with for 6 months?

Sure you can if that is what you both one. I married my husband and we were bestfriends for 3yrs prior to getting together. It all depends on what each of you want.

If you were married for only six months and you want to get a divorce what can you do?

i know that my husband has been cheating on me and we only been married in the state of VA since nov25 what can i do

Why did many people suggest Michael married Lisa Marie so suddenly?

They were together for only a few months before hand, and she did marry him 20 days after she divorced her first husband, so it was pretty sudden.

What do you think of early marriage?

I am for it. I dated my husband for 4 months, got married two months after i turned 18. We have been very happily married for 2 years now. I could never imagine my life without him.

How long were you dating before your man proposed?

I was with my husband 6 months before he proposed. We are 5 years married now.

How old was Catherine Parr when she died?

She was 36 years old. She was born in 1512 and died on September 5, 1548, eighteen months after the death of her 3rd husband (Henry VIII) and six months after she had married her 4th husband, Thomas Seymour.

Your husband and you were married ten months when he died can you draw social security off of him?

You can only think about making money out of him aww how nice are you!

My husband died five months after marriage who get the house and he had house before we married do I inherit it?

If no one else's name is on the deed you would get it.

If my husband hit me an i want to divorce him do i have grounds we are only married 4 months?

Yes.. get away from the jerk.. he will only hit you again..

Can woman who is 4 months older than the man get married to him?

Yes. Often there are many years difference between husband and wife.

What do you do when you cheat on your husband after being married for 6 months?

Come clean with it. Be honest and if the marriage is worth saving then do whatever you can to make it work.

My guy tells me its over and its not my fault I didnt do anything wrong and he doesnt want to get married.what can I do to save our relationship of 8 good months?

well he probably broke up with you because he wasnt ready to get married because 8 months is sort of short to get married.

If married but have not been living together for 9 months and waiting on a divorce can you date other people?

if married but legally separated can you date other people

If married but have not been living together for 6 months and waiting on a divorce can you date other people?

no wait for the divorce then when you no it is over and you are not married then you can date again.

How long was Judy garland alive when she merrie her last husband?

The married in March of 1969 and she died in June of 1969. So about three months.

How far apart should wedding days be if two cousins from the same family are getting married?

they can be as far apart or as close together as you want. you might want them close together so all of your family doesnt have to leave town and then come back 2 months later and so the first couple to be married can out their honeymoon off for a day or 2 to go to the other couple's wedding

How many high school sweethearts stay together?

Not many, but I married mine exactly four months ago.

Is it still a possible that a guy can fall in love with a girl after 6 months of just dating?

It is possible your heart will tell you when i started dating the man who is now my HUSBAND he told me 5 days after we started dating( we had known each other before we started dating) and we have been together 3 years and guess what i married him at 19! Love can happen at anytime is doesnt matter if you tell her in 5 days or 6 months just make sure you are really in love before you say it because you cant take it back!!

Should you get married to a great man after knowing him for 4 months?

He may be a great man after four months but is he going to be a great husband. Live together first with a written agreement of who's is who's and what is what about the bills, see how you feel then, people change after we marry and move in together. Call it a trial run, call it whatever you want but after that paper is signed its not as easy to get out if you dont like the choice you made. Take it slow and in stride.

What is the process and cost for my husband who is American to adopt my son 7 years old who is Bulgarian with unconditional residency status?

Once you and your husband are married, your husband can petition for the child's status at the same time he petitions for the wife. There is no need for a formal adoption for the child to be given unconditional residency status if you have been married for more than 6 months at the time of the application.