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No, your low credit score should not affect your husband's credit score, unless the lender/bank uses both your information for the loan. Credit score is based on each individual's information.

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Q: Does your low credit score affect your new husbands credit?
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Does your credit score affect the interest rate when you apply for home financing?

Your credit score can possibly affect your interest rate when you apply for home financing. If you have a low credit score, you are considered a higher risk to the bank, and therefore, they may raise your interest rate.

Why do credit scores matter?

If your credit score is low, it can affect you renting a home, getting loans, or even getting a job. usually having many credit cards, or having credit card debt, can make you have low score. xD SWAG

Where can one receive a low credit score loan?

Generally one does not want a low credit score. A low credit score can prevent one from obtaining credit cards, loans or mortgages. One can find their credit score at transunion.

Does your credit score affect your auto loan rate?

Absolutely it does! Your credit score is used by credit agencies to determine the amount of risk they are taking on. If your credit score is bad or low then you auto loan rate will be higher. However, if your credit score is good or high then your auto loan rate will be lower.

How do you bounced checks affect your credit score?

A bounced cheque would affect your credit score in a negative way. A Bounced cheque means you have been delinquent in your payments and credit agencies may have this affect your credit score badly. A low credit score means, lesser credit eligibility and lesser financing options. So be careful while writing cheques. Ensure that you have enough funds in your account before you write any...

If your FICO score is 581 and you have 2 credit cards both almost maxed but you have no late payments no collections and low credit hits why is your score so low?

Not only is your overall score based upon payment history which is very important, it is also based upon the credit to debt ration, "maxing out" an account has an extremely negative affect on the basic credit rating.

Can i get a credit card with a low credit score?

To find your credit score, go to a site such as You want a HIGH credit score, NOT low. The best cards for high credit score are Chase Freedom Visa, Citi Platinum Select MasterCard, and Citi Diamond Preferred.

How does 522 credit score rank?

522 is a very low credit score. It is probably very difficult if not impossible to obtain any credit with a score that low. The national average is 687. You will need to improve your credit score if you plan on ever having a house, car, credit cards, etc....

What are the factors that determine your credit risk?

you will get a low credit score. you can always check your credit score on three credit reporting agencies

Can you get a Bank of America mortgage with a low credit score?

Yes, they can take anyone with a low credit score. You may have to pay more up front, but it is possible.

IS 691 credit score good?

691 is in the higher side of the credit score scale. Any score under 650 is considered low.

What effect does a credit score have on a mortgage?

The credit score can effect mortgage rates in a lot of differnt ways. If someone has a high credit score he get a lower mortgage rate and if someone has a low credit score he gets a higher mortgage rate.

Where can low credit score loans be compared?

There are a number of companies providing loans for people with a low credit score. Sites such as gocompare and money will assist in comparing these companies.

How would a collection of 230 affect a person with 50000 in available credit and 730 score?

Your credit score can be decreased by having collection accounts listed, a judgment, late payments or if you have too much available credit. If you have that much credit, you would want to contact the credit issuer to lower your credit limit. Your debt should never be more than 35% of the available credit. Timely, consistent payments to your creditors and low credit limits will help increase your credit score.

How can you get your true credit score?

You can get your true credit score by going on a website. You can also ask your bank accountant for your credit score. Usually a low number is better than a high one.

What does a credit score of a 23 mean?

It's nearly impossible to have a credit score that low. I'd check with the credit bureaus and pay to see your credit score from one of the big three -- Equifax, Transunion or Experian.

What is the average expected credit score to receive a mortgage loan?

There is not an average expected credit score to receive a mortgage loan. You may have a low credit score, and an high income and still be able to qualify. Loans are not just based on credit score.

Where can I find a mortgage company that will approve a mortgage when I have a 553 credit score?

There is probably no credit union or bank that will approve you when your score is that low. What on earth did you do to have such a horrible credit score? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Is a credit crunch related to my credit score?

A credit crunch is related to your credit score, because it means that banks are especially strict about who they will lend to. They are less likely than usual to extend credit to someone with a low credit score, so maintaining a high score is even more important than usual.

Where can you get loans with a bad credit score?

Sometimes it can be hard to get a loan with a bad credit score. A low credit score means that you are delinquent on payments, so banks might be more hesitant to give you a loan in fear that they may not get their payments. Call banks near you and ask if they work with people who have low credit scores.

Is a credit score of 679 a good score?

679 is consider good in processing industry not in banking Very low score and wont be getting credit for forseable future

650 credit score?

650 is an OK score, a little on the low side, but OK.

582 credit score?

582 is pretty low.

What will a low credit score potentially do to the interest rates for a loan?

A low score means a bad risk, and the interest rates will be higher.

Is a credit score of 766 good?

the average credit score in the US is just above 600. Your credit score is very good. You would be approved for most loans due to your low risk factor. Congrats!