Does your man really love you if he says he does but he puts you down all the time and never wants to do anything with you?

The truth is that this question has many possible answers; for e.g.:he may have somebody else - he has lost interest - he is tired - etc... But if he says he still loves you, probably he has found the "comfort zone" it is the place where you feel that you don't have to prove anything else no more, also take into consideration that sex is not a relationship, sex is a condiment for a perfect recipe in a relationship, there are many other things that make a relationship; communication, loyalty, honesty, consideration, affection, etc...Want to use something, what does he like? Share his hobbies. Most men as myself find that a woman that shares same interests is kind of sexy, remember don't ask, incinuate. Something else don't ever compare your man with somebody from your past, we hate it, but if you do, lift our ego don't stomp it. If this helps you or if you need more info feel free to e-mail me.