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Correct. Once a minor has a child, she is emancipated, meaning she is now considered an adult and independent of her parents. No, a mother who is a minor is presumed by law to have the same rights to her child as she would if she were an adult. Parents cannot force her to sign over custodial rights, have an abortion or place a child for adoption. If the she feels she is in need of assistance she can contact the state's department of family and children's services or Birthright 1-800-556-4900, I don't think so

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Q: Does your mother have custody of your child if you are under age?
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Does a teens mom have custody of her and her child?

Not in california. The teens mother only has custody of the teen. not the teens child. the teen has every right over her child that a regular parent has, regardless of age. any age mother, 10 or 60 has rights over her kids as long as they are under eighteen. (ew that would be gross is u were 60)

If an 18 yo moves with mother but father has full custody can mother file for custody?

Generally, custody orders end at age eighteen and the child can choose where she wants to live.

When a child is born to a minor child age sixteen does that child have legal custody of the newborn baby?

ANSWER: Yes. Regardless of your age, you are still the mother. You will have legal custody unless those rights are terminated by the Court.

Does a minor mom have custody of her child or do her parents have custody?

Yes a minor Mother does have custody, But because she is a minor her parents have the say over her and she over the minor child of her's. Depending of the age of the minor mother as to what choices she has in dealing with her parents.

What age can a child can make there own decision?

My child wants to choose to live with her Father, her Mother has custody. Is this possible.

What is customary visitation when the child lives with the mother 3000 miles away?

It depends on the reasons for moving and the age of the child. How has custody of the child.

Who gets custody in an underage pregnancy?

If this refers to the unborn child the laws of the state where the child is born would apply. Generally the unmarried mother regardless of her age has full automatic custody of the child except under extraordinary circumstances. If the mother is unmarried and the father wishes to share custody he must first establish paternity (usually through DNA testing), even though he claims to be the father.

What if the father has custody of the child at age 17 and the child run away to the mother within the same state can the mother get in trouble with the law when she does not give the child back him?

Yes, harboring a runaway.

Grandma wants custody of unborn child?

Here we must see the age of the grandma, if she is in her 80s then she is to ols and not at all fit to look after the child. Only the courts can determine custody of a child, and custody can only be transferred after the child is born. At that time, the grandmother would be able to file for guardianship, not custody, as she is not the mother of the child. The mother would be allowed to testify if she was opposed to the action, and the court would make the final determination.

What happens if you get married to an American man and you want to bring your daughter to live with you?

that depends on if the mother has custody over her daughter or not. It also depends on how old the daughter is. If she is under the legal age limit, then the mother is still responsible and makes all decisions for her. If the mother does not have full custody over the daughter, then the mother and the father of that child must come to an agreement on the living whereabouts of the daughter. If the mother has legal custody over the daughter and the daughter is not of legal age yet, then yes, the mother can bring the daughter over too.

If your a under age mother and the father is an older adult how can you get child support?

The age of the parents has no bearing on child support. All the State cares about is who are the biological parents, who has custody, and how much money does each parent make. You get child support by filing a child support case with the Attorney General's office in your state.

Can you get a restraining order against your mother?

Yes, If you're under the age of 18 you can become Emancipated from her custody

Does an unwed mother have sole custody of her child in CT?

That answer depends on several factors including the mother's age, ability to provide for the child and the environment where the child will be living. If a father is named on the birth certificate or parentage established after the fact in a court of law, the father has as many rights as the mother in terms of custody and support. Under Connecticut law, an unwed mother with no father legally designated is presumed to have sole custody unless proven otherwise or amended by other conditions as outlined above.

What is the age of consent for child custody in Kansas?

If this relates to custody, age 18. see links

What age does the child have to be for the father to get equal custody?

There is no minimum age.

What age can a child decide custody?

When they are 18yo.

How can the father take custody of a child from ages 10yrs-11yrs in age from mother in Arkansas?

He doesn't. He goes through the appropriate court and will gain primary residential custody if it is in the best interest of the child. You do not "take" anything.

What is reasonable child support and allimony payments?

That depends on the income of the parties, age of the child, state child support guidelines, which parent has physical custody, etc.That depends on the income of the parties, age of the child, state child support guidelines, which parent has physical custody, etc.That depends on the income of the parties, age of the child, state child support guidelines, which parent has physical custody, etc.That depends on the income of the parties, age of the child, state child support guidelines, which parent has physical custody, etc.

Can an adopted child leave his or her home at the age of 17?

No more than a natural child of 17 can leave his or her home. Until the age of 18, juveniles are under the custody of their parents or guardians.

If a couple in the state of Il was never married and the mother has custody of the children at what age can a child say they want to live with the other parent just because she is tired of her mother?

age 18 see links

Do siblings have custody rights if mother dies?

No. This is the hirearchy in the usual situation for custody rights for a minor (child under 18 years of age), but there are exceptions (abusive family, etc.) Parents The Parents immediate family (excepting children) Adopted Guardians, or a sibling over the age of 18 See: Discussion page.

Does the father still have to pay child support if the child no longer lives with the mother?

Yes, until the order is modified. If the child is over the age of majority, than it can go straight to the child. If not, he files for custody.

What age do you have to be for California child custody?

My friend once told me about this and I am not so sure if 18 years old as what she said is the right age for you to be qualified on child custody.

Would get a fine if your child is home alone under the age of 12?

Very likely you could lose custody of your under-12 child if you leave him/her at home alone. You could be charged with child endangerment and prosecuted.

What age can a child refuse to visit a parent?

If it's a matter of the mother and father having separate custodys over the child, at the age of 15 a child can refuse to visit the other parent, even so far as to go to court, and remove the custody of one parent. You can also choose which parent you want to have full custody of you.