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I suggest you take your puppy to another vet. There are just too many diseases a puppy can have to determine (without a professional diagnosis.) It could be Allergies, infection in the nasal cavity, kennel cough, or it could be something more serious. The sooner you get your puppy to a good vet the better chances it will have for survival. It's always best to get a second opinion in this case because it's obvious your puppy is not well. Please see another vet immediately. Good luck God Bless Marcy It can take a while for the antibiotics to fully treat an infection. It took 4 weeks for one of my dogs to get over a really bad kennel cough. Wait a week, if she isn't any better take her back to the doctor; or if she gets worse take her back.

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Q: Does your new puppy have strep if she has a runny nose and has been on Clavamox for 3 days with no improvement and her green nasal discharge smells bad and leaves a metallic taste in your mouth?
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