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It depends on what the deceased parent has put in their Will. If they said that the surviving parent takes care of any monies or property until you are the age of 18 or 21 then the surviving parent has the right to do so. Your surviving parent is probably keeping the money for you so you will spend it wisely when you are a little older (probably 18 if this is the legal age in your State) and this really isn't a crime. Many young people would race out and buy a new car and squander the money. Talk to your parent if you want further education or want to travel a little. I am sure they will give you the money if it's for a good reason.

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Can children sue their parents if they are deceased?

Yes they can, indirectly, such as in a case of wrongful death where the deceased parents killed others by the same actions which resulted in their own deaths. In other words, the accident or incident that killed the parents also killed a child or other person, and there is reason to think that the parents committed an act of negligence that resulted in the death of others. However, you would not be suing the parents, but making a claim against their insurance. But if the insurance refuses to pay, then you would sue the insurance company. Anyway, the children would not be suing the parents, but their parents' insurance or their parents' estate.

Did your parents have life insurance?

My sister said my mom had life insuranc through met life and her and my dad spent that already and now my dad is deceased and wonder if there is life insurance policy on him.

How do you find the will of your deceased parents?

Where do I look to find the will of a deceased parent?

How do I redeem deceased parent's whole life policy?

Call the insurance company and speak with somebody in the claims department. If your parents had an insurance agent, the agent may also be able to assist in the process.

When can a minor child receive money from a deceased parents life insurance policy?

No, the insurance company will hold the money and will pay interest on proceeds until the child is of majority age in the state where the children were born.

How do you find out if you an in your parents will?

You can always ask your parents. If they are deceased, the executor of the will can tell you.

Are children responsible for their deceased parents' debts?

NO. It is not legally required for children to pay off any bill from there deceased parents as long as the bills were in their parents name, 100%.

Who can challenge paternity of a deceased father?

The parents of the deceased father (the childs grandparents) can do a paternity test.

Are Bill Cosby's parents dead?

Yes, Bill Cosby's parents are deceased.

Are you still a daughter if your parents die?

Yes, just one with deceased parents.

What if I can't refinance my deceased parents home?

Continue paying the mortgage. Don't mention that your parents are deceased. Unless the mortgagee is an individual, no one will notice a thing.

Social security benefits for children with a deceased parent?

yes the children with deceased parents get social security benefit's. but only if the parents were workers in the US.

Is angel Davis parents dead?

Angela Davis' parents as far as I know are deceased.

Who has the right to the ancestral house among the siblings if both parents are deceased?

It is my understanding that if both parents are deceased, next in line would be a sister, brother....hope this helps.

Can expenses made for the upkeep of my deceased parents be claimed on my income taxes?

No deduction on your federal 1040 income tax return for any of the expenses for the upkeep of your deceased parents.

Can a emancipated child receive money from a deceased parents life insurance?

An emancipated child is considered an adult. They are entitled to receive any benefits assigned to them. If they are not emancipated, the money will go into a trust for them.

Can you put life insurance on your parents?

If they are elderly parents, Yes. But if you are under 40 you cannot put life insurance on your parents.

Do the children have to pay the debts of their deceased parents?

If you were not a joint debtor you are not responsible for repayment of deceased parent(s) debts.

Can you take out insurance on parents?

You may take out an insurance policy on your parents if you have power of attorney over them.

Are adult children responsible for paying deceased parents medical bills in Florida?

The estate is responsible for the medical debts. The exception would be if the children were the insurance holder or co-signed the medical agreement.

If you are receiving a parents life insurance in one lump sum and owe child support can they take it from you?

For child support, yes they can take it from you. Or atleast some of it depending on how much you owe and how much it is.

If i buy a car can i still be on my parents insurance?

Ask your insurance company. It is likely that you parents will need to be the owners.

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