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Your parents have no legal obligation to give you pocket money.

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Q: Does your parents have no legal rights to give you pocket money?
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How does a child get pocket money?

By helping his parents and helping his neighbors for money but he has to ask his parents about helping neighbors

What to say to your parents to get what you want?

Don't be so spoilt and appreciate your parents for what they are. Not what money they have in their pocket for you to spend. If you need money and your old enough, GET A JOB!

Is relabeling blank shirts legal?

If you do it to line your inner pocket with more money it is okey :)

Why is pocket money called pocket money?

Pocket money is called pocket money because money was put into the pockets.If money was in the pocket, the person could spend it

What are the disadvantages and the advantages of pocket money?

* That will make the child feel that 'parents money is not his/her money', * 'It could lead to fights between children', * 'Unhealthy competition amongst children on the amount of pocket money they get' * 'Loss of control on where children spend the money'

What is money in your pocket called?

pocket money

What other jobs that a 10 year old can do?

Help their parents do the house work and get pocket money for it.

How do you persaude your parents to buy you what you want?

by saying i will pay with my pocket money and telling a lower price for it

Should children be given pocket money?

Yes. It will make them like their parents/carers more. :D

Jobs for 11 year old boys?

ummm none or you can ask ur parents for pocket money..

How much pocket money for a ten year old?

I depends on how nice/rich the parents are. it is different with each family.

What can a 9 year old work as?

Helping parents around the house for pocket money, other than that, nothing.

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