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Your parents have no legal obligation to give you pocket money.


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Pocket money is called pocket money because money was put into the pockets.If money was in the pocket, the person could spend it

It gives children (or husband) a certain freedom to select what they really like Answer 2 Pocket money is your main source of income; if your parents give you pocket money, that's your money... The stuff you can buy your favourite toy/comic/magazine/top (/you get the picture) with. You have ultimate control over this... At least until you annoy your parents, anyway. :)

If you do it to line your inner pocket with more money it is okey :)

Help their parents do the house work and get pocket money for it.

by saying i will pay with my pocket money and telling a lower price for it

ummm none or you can ask ur parents for pocket money..

Yes. It will make them like their parents/carers more. :D

I depends on how nice/rich the parents are. it is different with each family.

Helping parents around the house for pocket money, other than that, nothing.

In most countries you have rights on your partners money only if you are married or have signed some sort of legal bond

To be out of pocket means literally Out of money

try doing some jobs around the house and helping your parents and they might think your responsible anough to get a good amount of money

If you are good at the sport you play then you have a chance to get an athletic scholarship, if you get the scholarship it means less money out of your pocket or your parents pocket for the books and the classes that you take

A trustee has many legal rights as a representation but a trustee can not borrow money from an irrevocable trust.

Also it depends on how much money your parents earn ( income ). Also it depends if you have generous parent(s) :D

Get a part time job or work it out with your parents to get pocket money.

i usally help my parents pick up the house or do some chores

a kid can start making hand made gifts at the age of 5 and can start buying small gifts from their pocket money as soon as they start getting pocket money(may be age 10)

That is unregulated. Thousands of kids handle money on paper routes or at the cash register in parents' business.

Two of my sister's are the Personal Representative to nine children's estate. Can they sell my parents that I am now living in?

Parents have no legal right to take money from the child if he has earned it from working his job or been given it as a gift.

You spend money on them... a lot of money

Zardari not the richest person of Pakistan because he has not declared his money because ha)his money is not earned by legal rights but if he declares his money so he would have millions of dollars

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