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2006-07-28 11:30:27
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Q: Does your personal auto insurance covers an accident while running errands in your personal car for your employer?
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Will your car be covered by your employers insurance if you have an accident using your own car for them?

Generally no, and it could get a little interesting if you are running errands for your employer. Your personal auto insurance policy does not cover commercial use. You need a commercial lines policy, not personal lines.

Can your employer ask for your vehicle insurance to drive their vehicle?

Your personal auto coverage will not cover their vehicles. What they are probably asking for is to make sure you have coverage in case you drive your vehicle on errands or such for the company. If you go to the post office to get the company mail your personal auto insurance will be the primary insurance and then if they have an endorsement to their insurance called "hired and non-owned auto" it will provide secondary coverage over and above your coverage to protect them in case of an accident. Their coverage insists that you as the employee have primary insurance on your vehicle. Also note that the company insurance will not pay for damage to your vehicle.

What liability coverage is extended to you when you use your car for deliveries while working for your employer?

None, If you have a personal Auto Insurance Policy, " No coverage at all" will extend to you nor to any other injured party while you were engaged in a Delivery Service Business. A Personal Auto Insurance Policy is for the Personal use of your vehicle. Should you have an accident while engaged in a commercial enterprise, your personal Auto Policy will not cover the accident. While engaged in a Delivery Service Business with only a Personal Auto Insurance Policy in place, you are basically driving without coverage. Although a Business Auto Use Endorsement to your Personal Auto Policy will extend coverage for certain Business or job related errands such as occasionally picking up offices supplies and trips to meet with customers, Delivery services are always excluded from a personal Auto Policy. You need to obtain Business or commercial auto coverage to be compliant with your state Insurance Regulations.

What is employers non ownership auto liability insurance?

An employer's non-owner is usually an endorsement to a commercial auto or commercial general liability policy that is actually called hired and non-owned coverage. I always recommend this endorsement to my commercial clients because it is very inexpensive and provides coverage to the employer in cases where an employer has to drive to the bank or post office or similar errands. If an accident occurs the endorsement provides coverage for the employer only. It does not provide coverage to the employee who is still required to carry their own insurance. it provides secondary coverage only.

If your employer has a 'non-owned auto' policy does it protect you while running business errands in your personal car or just protect the employer?

Non-owned auto coverage protects your company in the event your company is sued as a result of an auto accident that you or one of the employees has in a personal vehicle while on company business. This coverage DOES NOT protect you or the employee personally. Usually an employee's personal auto policy will provide insurance to the employee, however, some personal auto policies now exclude business use. You must make sure that your limits are high enough to cover you personally, if an accident should occur. If you do not have a personal auto policy, and are covered solely by the business auto policy, you must ensure that the company's auto policy has the "Drive Other Car" coverage endorsement. This endorsement would provide coverage to the employee PERSONALLY, not just the company.

A sentence for the word incognito?

Many celebrities prefer to run their personal errands incognito.

If I pay someone to drive me on errands in my private vehicle what type of auto insurance do I need?

It really depends how often you do this. Usually a regular personal policy should cover this. Just make sure the all people in your household are listed.

Tips For Buying Company Car Insurance In Arizona?

The Southwestern state of Arizona ranks the 13th most expensive state for car insurance in America, and it ranks as one of the top three states with the highest car theft rates. For these reasons alone, skimping on company car insurance for your Arizona business does not rank as one of the best business decisions. Researching and purchasing commercial car insurance in Arizona is done the same way as you would research and purchase personal car insurance. Of course, you'll pay more for commercial car insurance, but given the relative financial risks of being sued if a driver is in an accident with your company car or cars while on the job, the coverage is worth it. You'll need to obtain company car insurance in order to ensure that your Arizona business is protected. Company cars are often referred to as 'fleet vehicles' and it's important to start by determining the type of commercial insurance you need. Even if you have a small business or a home-based business, your personal car insurance is usually not enough to protect yourself and your financial assets in the case of an accident. Use your personal vehicle for running errands or transporting items to and from your small business or home-based business? Then, you should consider a commercial car insurance policy. If you are involved in an accident and business-related supplies are in the back seat, your personal car insurance company may not cover the accident as you were on a business errand. When doing your research for a company car insurance provider, try to obtain multiple quotes to help you determine the type of insurance you need and the coverage amounts. If you have a financial planner, talk with that person to ensure that you have enough coverage for the company car. If others in your business will be driving the vehicle, scrutinize their driving records to be sure they are safe drivers. Hey, we all know that accidents happen, but the more careful and experienced the drivers, the less likely there will be an accident and your team will be at fault.

What is a person who is employed to run errands called?

Depends in what context, a PA (Personal Assistant) could run errands, but then any employee could run errands for their boss. If you mean in the usual context in an office environment, an individual who 'assists' the office would be "Office Assistant" Depends on industry sector.. But to run errands would typically to assist someone, so assistant will generally be in the title

Does company insurance or Workman's Comp cover car accidents while working?

If you were truly injured you probably are covered by your employer. Your car is a different matter though, and workmans compensation certainly won't pay for that.You have every right to obtain an atty. w/ the expectations of a victory. Even if you are having no luck w/ the ins. co.'s your company is 100% liable for both your physical and vehicle damage loss being as though you were on the job.I do a lot of errands where I work banking etc. my boss purchased a separate insurance policy to cover my driving while working for him. It was very inexpensive and solved a lot of boss bought a non-ownerd auot liabilit not anything esle. this provides liability for the business when you drive.In the UK - the answer to this question depends on how the RTA that occurs for example:1. If the vehicle had a defect which cuased your accident your employer is liable. The car is work equipment and a employer has strict liability for accidents from such defects.2. If the accident was caused by the employee - the employer will have insurance to cover the other innocent driver's injuries, but proabably no the employees.3. If the RTA was caused by the other driver - the other driver's insurance will pay for the employees injuries.ANSWERYour employer is mandated by law to carry Worksman Comp Insurance, which covers you for all injuries on the job, unless, you commited deliberate and negligent act. In this case your claim may be denied.

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An orderly was a type of assistant. They served as a sort of valet for an officer. In addition to being a sort of body guard, they would run personal errands and look after the officer's personal effects.

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What Kind of Insurance do you need for a retail music shop?

What you need is a Businessowner's policy to start with to cover your business property, inventory, equipment, and liability. You may also need a Commercial Auto policy if the business owns or operates any vehicles. You need to make sure and endorse one of the policies to cover "Hired and Non-Owned Vehicles" This would cover the business if an employee ran errands in their car for the business like to the post office or bank. This will not cover damage to the employees car or protect the employee but it would protect the business if a third party comes after you. You may also need Worker's Compensation insurance depending on the number of employees and the requirements in your state. Also, don't forget about your personal life and health insurance as you no longer get these from and employer if you run your business.

How do you insure my 95 year old dad's car who does not drive so I can drive?

Call the insurance company and have them add your name. I drove my mother around and used her car for errands for her and never worried about the insurance. I have my own coverage for my car and she had hers, so if anything had happened I was covered. Often your own private car insurance goes with you when you drive another car.

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