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Q: Does your renters insurance cover your friends bicycle that was damaged on your property?
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If I have property stolen from a friends car should their home owners cover the loss or mine?

Neither homeowner's insurance will probably cover property stolen from a car. Homeowner's insurance usually only covers stuff stolen from your home. However, the automobile insurance policy might cover it.

Why did Margaret want a bicycle?

Because she her friends teased her

Where could one find information on property owners insurance?

Property Owners insurance is an important thing to have when owning property. To find information about different insurances, one can watch tv, look in a phone book, browse the internet or ask friends or family. Insurance companies always advertise and if they are a great company, word of mouth spreads quickly.

I wrecked my friends car they didn't have insurance do i have to pay?

Yes. If you caused damage to somebody's property you are responsible. The definition of insurance is a transfer of risk. If your friend had insurance on the car then the risk would have been transferred from you to the insurance company, but would still make you at fault.

Difference between life insurance and non life insurance?

Life insurance pays a death benefit when the insured party dies and the money can be given to his or her friends, family or next of kin. Non Life Insurance covers objects for theft or damages including home, property and cars.

What happens if your car gets keyed on your friends property and you dont know who did it what happens?

Report the vandalism to Police Make an insurance claim Your friend has no financial responsibility

A tree fell on your car at a friends house but they say the tree is on the neighbors property how can you prove whose property the tree is on?

It does not matter who the tree belongs too because neither one is liable for the damage to your car. A property owner is not liable for an act of nature and homeowners insurance does not cover automobiles. Your comprehensive auto insurance will cover your vehicle for damage from an act of nature.

Can get your car out of the pound with your friends traders insurance?

No, the insurance has to be on your car not someone elses.

Who is at fault when you are parked in your friends driveway and they back up and hit your car?

This has alot to do with if the impact is on private property and if you had permission to park in the friends driveway, then ultimately if you want to remain friends. If it's an easement or such, the other answers may apply.Another View: Whether you are on someone else's private property makes no difference, the striking vehicle is at fault. Your insurance companies will have to battle it out.

Where can you get free handle bars for bicycle?

Try your local junk yard and ask your friends.

Who is the youngest person to ever ride a bicycle across the US?

I did it at fourteen and my friends did it at thirteen.

If you have a licence but no insurance and a friends car does have insurance on it can you still drive your friends vehicle?

yes, I am sure you can. But you must get the friends permission to drive. Actually, I am not sure. Try yahoo answers.

What type of products does Friends Provident sell?

Friends Provident provides life insurance, pensions, and investments for Asian, Middle Eastern, and European countries. Friends Provident is a part of the Friends Life Insurance group.

Your car was totaled in a cardeer accident the insurance was in a friends name and a check was mailed by the insurance whos check is it mine or his?

Legally, its the friends because the insurance was in the friends name. Insurance checks are meant to be used on repairs to the vehicle or toward the purchase of a new vehicle. So you could try to force the friend to use the check toward the vehicle by taking them to court. Or you can start paying for your own insurance and not have to worry about the loyalty of your friends.

Can friends be added to health insurance?

No. Only legal dependents can be added to your health insurance policy.

If you have an accident driving your friends car who insurance covers?

typcially , ''insurance stays with the car'' meaning the insurance on the vehicle would be primary..........

Will renters insurance cover a LCD TV broken by friends?

It matters on your policy but if it does your insurance will go up.

What happens if you are driving a friends car who has insurance are you covered?

As long as you have a license. The insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver.

If you borrow a friends car and wreck it will your liability insurance cover the damages?

depends on your insurance plan, call your adjuster.

Do you have auto insurance if you are on someone else's insurance policy?

Answer If you have Auto Insurance and it's on your parents Insurance Plan then yes you have Insurance, but if you are on a friends Insurance Plan, I don't think you'd be covered in an accident unless that person is your girlfriend, boyfriend.

What is the singular possessive form of friends?

The possessive form for the singular noun friend is friend's.Example: I borrowed my friend's bicycle.

Will homeowners insurance cover a friends stolen laptop from my home?

Stolen Laptops and Home InsuranceNo, homeowners Insurance only covers theft of the Named Insured's property, not the property of others. Refer to the "Personal Property" coverage section of the policy.More sSome policies may allow a homeowner to elect coverage for the property of others while it is on the residence premises. If the laptop is the only item stolen, the policy deductible will apply.On theft claims, the company will be looking to see that a police report of the break-in has been filed. In addition, your friend's claims experience with his insurance company can be negatively affected resulting in increased premiums. The insurance company could non-renew his policy if he has several claims of this type.

What happens if you don't have insurance and you get into a car accident driving your friends car she has insurance?

As long as she has the correct insurance that allows the car to lent to a friend then it should cover you.

When do you not need your fishing license?

when your on your own private property and or a friends private property. etc. as long as not public pond.

Your son was driving his friends car with permission and got into an accident - does he have to pay top fix the car himself or does insurance cover this.?

That depends on the insurance that you and the friend have. Your insurance may cover your son in any vehicle. Same as with the friends insurance covering any driver. You just have to call and ask.