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First realize that the insurance regulations are different from state to state and from company to company. We live in Texas outside of Houston and have two teenagers in the home and we have Allstate. In our policy our eldest has her own car and we asked that she be rated as the principle driver of that vehicle. For the other vehicles we designate a principle driver as well, car for my wife to and from work, car for me to and from work, truck for pleasure, etc. This designation will reduce the rate to some degree. HOwever, you always have the option to specifically exclude a driver from a vehicle (at least Allstate does) but that is noted on the decleration section of the policy as well as the card that you keep in your vehicle. If you son is stopped or has an accident in a vehicle from which he was excluded the insurance company will not cover him. He will also be cited for driving with out liablity coverage which can be tremendously expensive. Since we couldn't say that our eldest would NEVER need to drive one of ours, we just chose the 'principle driver' route. The youngest of driving age hasn't proved responsible enough for a DL yet... so she's not a problem... yet.

but the best place to answer this question is your Insurance agent. If you current insurance company won't give you the rate you are looking for ... shop around... you might find a better deal for all of your coverage!

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Q: Does your son have to be covered on all vehicles if he will never drive them?
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Yes, all scheduled drivers are assumed to have access to any of your covered vehicles and coverage is afforded regardless of which of your scheduled vehicles they are driving on any given day. All drivers on your insurance policy are automatically covered to drive all of the vehicles listed on your policy. Insurance companies don't insure you or your other scheduled drivers to drive only one of your scheduled vehicles. This is because as a permitted driver they are assumed to have access to any of the scheduled vehicles when needed. Even though each of your covered drivers may primarily drive a particular vehicle, they will need to drive one of the others if their preferred vehicle is inoperable or does not suit their needs on that particular day.

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