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It's not a sign of pregnancy for your urine to change color ... though I guess it's more likely to happen when you are pregnant. The reason your urine changes color is either from not drinking enough water or a urinary tract infection (if you are pregnant you need more water than if you aren't and uti's are also very common among pregnant women). If it has changed to a very dark yellow you need to speak to your doctor.

Often pregnant women notice that their urine becomes a bright yellow. Naturally, many think this is due to pregnancy. However, it is actually due to the B-complex in their vitamins. B-vitamins will give urine a bright yellow color. !

Kathryn RN

You might be dehydrated you should drink alot more water you may not be getting enough.

  • Not drinking enough water will make your urine a dull yellow and a lot of water can make it almost run clear. Vitamins also change the color of your urine. But no, it is not a sign.
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Q: Does your urine change color if you are pregnant?
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Can urine color change during early pregnancy?

No it does not have to change colour if you are pregnant.

Does change in color of urine mean you are pregnant?

No ususally darker urine means you need to drink more water. The color of urine is not a sign of pregnancy.

Does your pee change color when you are pregnant?

I have three kids every time that I was pregnant my urine was cloudy. I had a friend that worked at a lab, and he said that it is a common thing, but it doesn't change color.

When your urine is clear are you pregnant?

Clear urine simply means that you have drank extra water or fluid, and then it came out in your pee. It's actually healthier to have clearer urine, not dark or yellow. Being pregnant should not change the color of your urine, and clear urine does not indicate whether or not you are pregnant.

Does vitamin c change the color of urine?

Vitamin C can change the color of urine, it turns your urine orange.

Can your urine change color if you are pregnant?

Urine changes colour due to the toxins your body is releasing in liquid form. It usually isn't pregnancy related.

Does ct dye change the color of your urine?

Does computed tomography Dye change the color of urine when excreted

What all changes the color of your urine?

hormonal changes, change the color of your urine.

Does coffee change your urine color?

Not usually. Vitamin C and some drugs can change the color of urine, not coffee.

What color is urine when you are pregnant?

your urine is supposed to be clear but if its yellow you have to drink more water.

Does morphine change the color of your urine?

Morphine in most forms, such as used in the hospitals, or prescribed by your Doctor does not change the color of your urine.

Can you change the color of your urine physically?

Yes, disease, pregnancy, dehydration can all change the color of your urine. You can also change the color by simply drinking a lot of liquids with food coloring in them

Can vitamins and supplements change the color of urine?

Yes, taking vitamins and supplements can change the color of your urine. An example is some of the B Vitamins which can cause the urine to become yellow.

What does it mean when you're pregnant and your urine is yellow?

Um ... urine is supposed to be yellow. That's the normal color.

Why does urine change color after taking vitamins?

It is only one of the B vitamins that changes the color of a person's urine?

Does the color of urine determine if it is positive for drugs?

No, the color of urine determines your hydration. The only way you can find out if it has drugs in the urine is through a urinary analysis, or a drug test. The urine color does not change for drugs.

Does your urine look light yellow when in early pregnancy?

The color of the urine is based on how much you drink, not whether you are pregnant or not. You can not tell that by looking at your urine.

How is urine checked for glucose?

Clinistix and Diastix are paper strips or dipsticks that change color when dipped in urine. The test strip is compared to a chart that shows the amount of glucose in the urine based on the change in color

Do carrots change color of urine?

Yes, the pigment from the skin of the carrot is excreted in your urine.

What color is urine if your going through menopause?

There is no change in the colour of urine during menopause.

Why does the hair change color?

because of the sun and urine.

What fruits are eaten will change color of urine?


Does urine have a strong smell and dark color when pregnant?

No, the urine's smell and appearance don't change. This is how urine usually look in the morning since you haven't been for a long time and you also need to drink more.

Does penicillin make the urine red?

No, regular penicillin (pen vee) won't change urine color. Some other medication may affect the urine color however.

What color does urine change to with carrots?

As you may already know, beans change your urine to the slightest green, asparagus make your urine smell negative, and radishes make your urine pink! However, the big question is, what color does carrots make you urine? After a long discussion with my fellow coworker, we researched that carrots make your urine YELLOW :)