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Hello - The cervical mucus becomes more consitent and more regular and the amount you lose increases every few days.

2006-07-23 19:37:48
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Can women get pregnant from woman's vaginal fluid?

No. Only sperm can make you pregnant.

Does your vaginal fluid taste different when you're pregnant?

No, it doesn't.

When a girl is pregnant is her vaginal fluid thicker?

slap slap

What kind of fluid is discharged if you are pregnant?

Clear Vaginal Mucus

What if you have clear stuff coming out of your vaginal are you pregnant?

Absolutely normal.That is cervical mucus, also known as vaginal fluid, and it is normal for it to increase during pregnancy.

Can you be prgnant if you have a white fluid coming out?

Yes. but your vaginal lubrication fluid color normally ranges from clear to milky. The color does not indicate whether you are pregnant or not.

Can you change the smell of a woman's vaginal fluid?

Usually the diet is the prime factor in the smell.

Does sperm change vaginal fluid?

The introduction of a new substance into the vagina can change the chemistry of the vagina and it is possible to notice a difference in vaginal fluid. However, a change in the flora of the vagina could also indicate an infection or a sexual transmitted disease. See a doctor to verify everything is okay.

What does the vaginal fluid look like when you are pregnant?

It's usually increased and could be watery, egg-white-like, or anything else. If you're basing whether or not you're pregnant just by vaginal discharge. Please take a test or see the doc.

Is it safe to drink vaginal fluid?

Vaginal fluid is safe to drink, if not, it wouldn't be recommended to eat a girl out.

Can man become pregnant by swallowing female vaginal liquid?

No, men cannot become pregnant unless they were a woman to begin with, had a sex change operation, but still kept their female organs, like that guy in the Phillippines. If a man was born as a hermaphrodite, with both male and female organs, he possibly could become pregnant. However, no man can become pregnant by swallowing vaginal fluid or sperm. Men don't have uteruses or ovaries to produce eggs.

Can you get pregnant right after vaginal infertility?

If you are infertile you can not get pregnant and I'm not sure what you mean by vaginal infertility. When you have your period you can get pregnant too although it is rare.

Can you get pregnant if a man's penis was dry but it touched the tips of the vaginal lips and then used a condom and had sex?

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

If a woman have less vaginal fluid or light fluid is she cheating?


Can you get vaginal discharge and get pregrant?

Having vaginal discharge does not prevent you from getting pregnant. It will not expel the sperm. It is not a way to determine whether or not you are pregnant. You can have discharge at any time, pregnant or not.

You had her sperm on your fingers and den you put your fingers inside er vagina will she b pregnant?

Girls don't produce sperm, they have vaginal fluid, which is not the same as sperm, and does not contain sperm, nor can anyone get pregnant from it.

Can females with vaginal discharge get pregnant and deliver normal baby?

Every woman has vaginal discharge. It is mroe noticeable when pregnant. Yes you can have a normal healthy baby when having vaginal discharge.

Does a stretchy white and clear vaginal discharge mean you are pregnant?

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Is it normal when you get a discharged when you are pregnant?

Yes. Your vaginal discharge increases when you are pregnant.

Do you still have vaginal discharge when pregnant?

Yes of course. The discharge is the vaginal cleaning system.

Are donkeys related to jackass?

no, but your vaginal fluid is

What is the name of the vaginal fluid?

Discharge that is not menstrual fluid is actually Cervical mucus.

What comes out of a girls vagina?

vaginal fluid are comes out from vaginal which are called called female sperm

Is vaginal pumping dangerous when you are pregnant?

yes it is.

Could you be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding?