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no he does not

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Does Zac Efron like wrestling?

Zac Efron does not like wresting!

Does zac efron like to read?

Zac Efron does like to read.

What kind of music does Zac Efron like?

what kind of music does zac efron like

Do you like vanasa Zac Efron?

yes i like zac efron but not vanessa after the naughty thing she did.

Is Zac Efron like his fans?

Zac Efron does like his fans he adore's them because they adore him!

Does Zac Efron have a sit and if he does what is the name?

When Zac Efron have a sit his name is Zac Efron. When Zac Efron have a sit his name is Zac Efron.

Does Zac Efron like your friend?

Zac Efron doesn't know me or my friends yet. Zac Efron doesn't know me or my friends yet.

Who Zac Efron like?

zac loves vanessa

Which holiday does Zac Efron like the most?

which holiday does he like the most which holiday does zac efron smile the most

Does Zac Efron like blodes or browns?

does zac efron like blondes or bowns and could he send me a autobiograph

Does Zac Efron like Star Wars?

yes zac efron is a fan of star wars

What does Zac Efron like to eat?

Zac Efron loves Orange Chicken from Panda Express

Does Selena gomez like Zac Efron?

Selena Gomez does not like zac efron as a boyfriend, but they are very great friends.

Does Zac Efron like Katie Wilson?

no way not in this life time i don't get why u think he is so cool ZAC EFRON IS IS IS...HE LOVES HIS SELF so if u like zac efron i don't like u then

Is Zac Efron dead?

Zac Efron is alive. It is a hoax.

Does Zac Efron like?


Does she like Zac Efron?


Can you look like Zac Efron?

Get a picture of zac efron show doctors n get a plastic surgey lol

Does Zac Efron like burping?

Zac Efron doesn't mind burping. However, he has not stated whether or not he enjoys it.

What sandwhich does Zac efron like?

Zac Efron favourite sandwhich is honey-mustard BBQ chicken from Quiznos.

Is Zac Efron on hair spray or does the person looks like him only?

Zac Efron is in Hairspray; he plays Link.

What kind of ice cream does zac efron like?

zac efron fav ice cream he love to eat

Who is hotter Zac Efron or MIKA?

Zac Efron!

Who is Zac Efron dsating?

zac efron is dating vanessa hudgens. zac efron is dating vanessa hudgens.

Who is datind Zac Efron?

Vanessa Hugens is datind Zac Efron! Vanessa Hugens is datind Zac Efron!