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Does zap hotel give you a virus?


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2011-06-11 03:39:26
2011-06-11 03:39:26

No it does never give a virus ive been playing for 2 months and no virus if you do get a virus then your computer or laptop is bad or it could be your virus protector...


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Zap hotel gives you a really bad virus after about 5/6 days of using it, Beleive me it deleted my hard drive!! i had to get a new computer so to all you zap lovers out there be warned!! i had Microsoft 2007 or something like that so you might be ok if you have like Vista or windows 2003.Ive been playing this game for a month or so, but it has not gave me an virus or probably most of the people who play... maybe you don't have a good firewall or anti-virus thing?-609988

No, Habbo hotel will not give you a virus, it runs on flashwave which also doesnt give you a virus to play and it is an awesome free game but you have to download adobe flashwave which doesn't give you a virus!

"Zap Hotel" probably considers coats a shirt item, therefore the coat is the shirt.

Most habbo retros do have viruses like zap hotel musical motel blah and force it has very very high viruses but some don't

No, Habbo hotel is not a virus. Other hotels such as Ed Hotel and Blah Hotel may contain a virus but Habbo Hotel is guaranteed not to have a virus as it is famous and used by 100,000's of people all over the world everyday! You can trust Habbo Hotel :)

i dont know please help me as well how do u get past zap hotel's verification please answer it someone

Because of the stupid owner mogly or what ever

just make a event and wait for people its the only way!

If when you log onto your Zap account it tells You that your already logged in this means last time you were on zap youhaven'tlogged out properly.You need torememberto log outevery time. Iv done this before.

Just Put it under the table and it will go on top of the table.


No, it does not. Some people have had compatibility issues and such, but Roblox will not give you a virus.

well, theres lots theres zap,fresh,bobba,habbo, & more

no it don't give virus anymore

No, Zune will not give your computer a virus.

do Lego games give you a virus

Yes there is it is called:Zap hotelFresh HotelHabplusStaticYabbo HotelNextGenHabbo.orgHABBO.LABOBBO cloudboom hotelClam bzThere is more go to this just click there is more not kidding

Yes you should Zap Cannon is a powerful move but with low accuracy give it a item that raises accuracy and it will be a powerful move

anything can give you a virus if you use it the wrong way

No. browser don't tend to give you a virus

No it cannot. Also, there is no way to get "hacked" on Habbo Hotel. The only way someone can gain access to your account is If you willingly give your information, or visit a website that was advertised inside the Hotel and it was an exact replica of the Habbo Hotel sign in.

zwinky will give you a virus on your computer. it won't give you a virus if you stay on it for a few minutes. you will get a virus if you stay on it for hours.

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