Donut filling is grainy from sugar how do you get it smooth?


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Continue to beat the filling till the sugar is smooth and the texture if fine.


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Depends on the donut. Plain donuts are gonna have less sugar than a sugar glazed donut! A typical glazed donut has about 13 tsp. of sugar.

It depends on the type of donut it is, but most of the donuts there contain about 15-30g of sugar per donut.


Powdered sugar comes from grinding down grainy sugar.

Definitely a donut! Most red wines have little or no sugar, and while whites vary it is still lower than the sugar content in a donut.

No. Icing sugar is very finely ground, like a powder, so it dissolves in the butter and makes the frosting smooth. White sugar has little granules and if you use it in frosting your frosting will be grainy and crunchy.

Salt is sour and sugar is sweet. Sugar is soft and salt is like rough and grainy.

One average donut is 260 calories

In a medium size - 64 grm., 255 calorie - donut, there is a little more than 12 grams of sugar(s).

It could be that the sugar was caramelized into a homogeneous syrup.

It's no longer solid and it turns grainy! :)

To make a sugar free apple pie filling substitute Splenda for the sugar.

Beating or creaming the butter, sugar and vanilla essence is a very important process, it aerated the mixture giving it a light fluffiness, and the individual sugar granules are dissolved this means that the product won't have a grainy texture rather a smooth texture with a sweet flavour.

it has a little over 12 grams off sugar

It's not a good idea. Confectioner's sugar is powdery and regular sugar is grainy. If you are topping something with confectioner's sugar it would be a good idea to go buy some.

The answer to this question would depend on the type of sugar you are referring to. I'll assume you are speaking of white granulated sugar. This sugar resembles salt in that it is fine yet grainy in texture and is white in color.

No, its not, icing sugar is a fine powder whereas caster sugar is grainy crystals. Chemically they are probably the same, but the grain size is different. Caster sugar and granulated sugar are the same though I think.

The filling in the chocolate sugar wafers are made with chocolate and sugar as well as wafers and can also contain peanut and coconut shavings from time to time.

No, sugar and starch are not the same thing, they only have similar characteristics. You may have noticed that they are both alike in color and are both opaque, but they also have differences. Sugar has crystals, but starch does not. Sugar is grainy, yet starch is more smooth and powdery. Sugar and starch also interact with heat differently. Starch will turn black very quickly do to the carbon while the sugar will turn many different colors before turning black.

There are 40 teaspoons of sugar in a Krispy Kreme. Very bad for you!!

Table salt and table sugar are both white and grainy. They both dissolve in water and other liquids.

Oreo filling is primarily made of vegetable shortening and powdered sugar.

Cannoli filling is a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta or marscapone, sugar, vanilla extract, and heavy cream.

Starch thickens a filling. You need to use the proper amount of starch and heat it properly to bind the moisture of the pie filling and the sugar.

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