Dr didn't know if eye infection viral or bacterial He prescribed Ciloxam.Is that dangerous to use if it turns out to be a viral infection Also he prescribed a Z-pack for sinus infection Good combo?

The antibiotic will not harm you if it turns out it is not bacterial, but it won't do you any good either. In your case, it is probably very difficult to determine if it is viral or bacterial. For school aged kids (or even adults going to work), the school usually requires the child to have at least 24 hours of an antibiotic when diagnosed with conjunctivitis (pink eye) - whether it is bacterial or not. Z-pak (alone) is indicated for sinus infections that have become bacterial infections. Z-pak plus bacterial sinus infection is a good combo. Z-pak and your other antibiotic taken together will not make your sinus infection better quicker than the Z-pak alone. Ciloxan opthalmic ointment or drops will not interact with the Z-pak, either (not harmful taken together).