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Dragon Ball Z is a manga/anime series created by Akira Toriyama. It is the sequel to Dragon Ball, which told about a boy named Goku, a young boy sent from planet vegeta by his father, Bardock, a low class soldier working for king vegeta, in an attempt to save his son from the tyrannous nature of his saiyan race.Now Goku, who had no knowledge of the world around him but the jungle. A tail ripped through his tail bone and a magical cloud called the Nimbus that could be used to soar across the sky and a red pole that could hit and be extended to great lengths. Dragon Ball Z tells of adult Goku, who now has a son and wife named Gohan and Chichi. Goku, Chichi, and Gohan live together in peace until Raditz, this long, spiky man, who is a Saiyan, comes. He tells Goku his history and what race he comes from, which are the Saiyans, brutal warriors who can transform into demon apes when a full moon is present. The Saiyans were destroyed by a ferocious attack-ball from frieza, which obliterated Planet Vegeta. Goku confronts Raditz, but quickly loses because he's no match for him. Piccolo, Goku's long time rival, suggests they team up, thinking the world's two strongest fighters could beat Raditz. Raditz faces them and is to much for them, but Piccolo destroys him with a Special Beam Cannon, forcing Goku too to be killed. goku's childhood friends bulma,Yamcha,Yajirobe,Krillin and his son gohan find the dragonballs and wish goku back to life. dragon ballz i a very long series consisting of evil androids created by dr. gero, gokus death of heart disease, vegeta, prince of saiyan gokus on and off rival who had a baby with bulma and his name was trunks. goku had one more child named goten. goku faced many fierce opponents such as cell, also an android that could get stronger by absorbing others,garlic jr., frieza, a wicked alien who destroyed the saiyans planet.Cooler, Friezas Brother Who Sought Revenge After frieza's death. King Cold, Frieza's Father And The Crazy Majin buu, super buu and kid buu, led by the evil sorcerer babidi and his right hand man the demon dabura.This Long Tale, You Witness Gohan Grow To be a man, goku unleash the saiyans great power, Super Saiyan, In Which Vageta Becomes Jealous And Trains So Hard And becomes Super Saiyan. Gohan Also Has To Train To Achieve This Power, But With Goten......It Came Naturally. The Dragon Balls are balls that can form together with all seven present and a dragon appears, able to grant at least one wish to its summoner. When the Dragon Balls are used, they turn into stone., And a New Set Of Dragon Balls Are Created And Hidden. The Z Fighters Later Discover A Set Of Dragonballs On Piccolo's Home Planet Of Namek. == ==