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Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to remove a door panel:


Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to test a power window motor to determine whether

the problem is in the motor/regulator or the switch/wiring

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Q: Driver side power window is not working properly is there a site that can show you how to do this?
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Why would only driver side power window stop working?

The switch is burned out. Replace it.

How do you manually override the driver's side power window on a 1988 Honda Accord LXI?

You cannot override the driver's side power window. What would be the purpose of overriding that window and locking it out? There will always be a driver and that driver will always want to control that window. Unless you are asking how to make the window go up and down manually. Again you cannot accomplish that as it is an electric power window which can only be controlled from the P/W switch. If it is not working then it will have to be repaired.

How do you fix the rear power window on a 99 Saab 9-3?

To fix a rear power window on a 1999 Saab, the door panel will have to be removed to gain access to the power window motor. If the window is not working properly, it is either the motor or the cable.

1997 Seville power windows not working is there a relay or module that run them?

Usually this problem is caused because the driver side power window switch is not working because that's where the current is supplied to the other window swithces

What is the most likely problem for a driver side power window not work properly on a 2001 Isuzu it will only go down not up?

The window motors get weak and won't lift the window.Replace the motor.

The driver's power window is the only window not working. What is wrong?

cANNOT GET THE DRIVERS SIDE WINDOW UP, IT IS PARTWAY DOWN AND HAVE TRIED SPRAYING CLEANER IN IT, NO GO. WHAT DO I DO? The switch, or relay, for that window is faulty, or worn out (since drivers window is most used). Replace it.

Why is your driver side window switch for passenger window and passenger window switch not working on my 97 mercury sable all other windows are working fine?

Check to see if you are getting power to the motor if so window motor is defective Could be open wire usually in the door jamb area

The front passenger and rear driver passenger power window stoped workingI check all the fuses and they are working. the rest of the window work perfect what would be the solution to this problem?

I would replace the master window switch

Driver side power window is ok but the passenger side is not working on 1989 aerostar motor and regulator is fine what else could be wrong?

Hi, The problem with your pass side window is the drivers side power window switch. I have had this same problem on my 1993 Aerostar.

Power window driver side seems real weak Sometimes not working at all How do you fix it?

Probably need to replace the motor. Try

Power window on driver side quit working How do you fix it?

Test according to the procedure in this article. the window motor is getting power, replace the regulator assembly.If it's not getting power, you've got a broken wire--most often in the hinge area of the door.Or, you've got a bad master switch

How do you replace power window motor from a 2002 dodge intrepit?

Replacing 2002 Dodge power window motor driver side

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