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Dude wheres my car?

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I believe this is a line from a movie. It made no sense there either.

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Where is the car eventually found in dude wheres my car?

They eventually find it in their drive way after time got turned back

Is Kristy Swanson in dude Where is your car?

yes, Kristy Swanson is dude Where is your car?

Where is the fuxebox located in the car?

hi man dude man dude man dude

Wheres' a good website to learn about car engines and parts?

Car Engine WebsitesBest site is.. www.auto.howstuffworks.com Just enter "car engines" in the search barAlso if you have a specific car you wish to learn about use the following:http://arrc.epnet.com/autoasp/index.asp?sid=15191483&uid=s6467521.main.autorefctr

Wheres is Jacob Blacks mom in twilight?

she died in a car crash before the first book

Where tracksuits dude where's my car?

The track suits worn in Dude Where's My Car are made by the company Adidas. These track suits then were embroidered.

Where can you go drift a car?

Dude you can drift a car in the desert which is where i learned

What day has the mot car accidents?


Your mom is a Pokemon?

so i have a car

Why wont the car hold oil?

dude every dame car holds oil so.............

Is there a dude where's my car 2?

No there is not if your sister asked you this the answer is no dahh!

Why is the dude on glee in a wheel chair?

him and his mom was in a car accident.

Where is your PSP charger?

What the hell! what do you mean wheres my psp charger wheres yours up your butt!

What is the first car ever to be made?

Ford by the dude with the face and the nose

Who is the dude in rebecca blacks song?

The black man driving the car.

Its past January twenty-eigth wheres Pokemon Crater?

sorry dude.......its never coming back. ive been searching. but dont lose hope. itl come back one day :)

What is the noise coming from my car?

Uhh well with what you have said it could be anything, you'de need more info on what kind of noise it is, and wheres it coming from.....

Who stars in dude Where is your car?

Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott. Right?

Who directed the film 'Dude Where's My Car'?

The film "Dude, Where's my car?" was directed back in 2000 by the film director Danny Leiner. He also directed films such as: The Great New Wonderful and Time Expired.

Why did Ferdinand Verbiest build the first car ever?

because he wanted to have transportation he thought it was a better way to get around instead of walking every wheres .

What is alkali?

darling wheres my condom

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