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The epicenter

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Where does the most violent shaking occur at during an earthquake?

At the epicentre which, is the central point from which it originates.

Where do people first feel the ground shaking during an earthquake?

People first feel the ground shaking at the epicenter of an earthquake.

What is a seisometer?

An instrument that measures the shaking of the ground during an earthquake.

What comes before during and after and earthquake?

Before an earthquake nothing perceptible to humans happen. Several types of animals act up though. During a earthquake the ground trembles. Depending on the magnitude this might be anything from a light tremble to a violent shaking. Most of the time nothing happens after an earthquake, but sometimes there is an aftershock, which is another earthquake of a lesser magnitude.

What foundation material is most stable during earthquake shaking?


How does the ground appear to move during an earthquake?

The ground actually does move during an earthquake. An earthquake is the ground moving and shaking. It may not actually shift noticeably, but it does shake.

Which foundation material is most stable during earthquake shaking?

Hard rock masses are the most stable founding materials during an earthquake.

What does personification sentence the china danced on the shelves during the earthquake mean?


What are the two major causes of structural damage during an earthquake?

Ground shaking and foundation faliure

What are the two major causes of structual damage during an earthquake?

ground shaking and foundation failure

What are the casualties of earthquake?

Usually casualties of an earthquake are: Rumbling, Shaking, Windy, and Lots of Rain storm during that time. I'm magicpurple0101 and I'm happy to answer your question!

What is shaking and ground rupture?

Shaking and Ground rupture are the effects of earthquake. Ground shaking is the disruptive up and down and sideways motion experienced during an earthquake. And, Ground Rupture is the creation of new or the renewed movements of old fractures, oftentimes with the two blocks on both sides moving in opposite directions.

What is the tendency for a foundation material to lose its internal cohesion and fail mechanically during earthquake shaking?

Motion slip

What is the exact location in a fault where energy is released during an earthquake?


How did earthquakes get their name?

The word earthquake is another word for earth shake. The definition of quake means to shake or tremble and during an earthquake the area is continuously shaking until the earthquake has ended. Therefore, scientists believed that earthquake was the perfect name.

What can happen to wet soil during the shaking from an earthquake?

liquefaction factor (sinking sand due to becoming like liquid)

What should be done during an earthquake?

If possible get out into the open where nothing can fall on you. If you are in a built up area shelter under something sturdy. The shaking of the ground is not likely to harm you it is falling objects that hurt people during an earthquake.

What causes the ground to shake during an earthquake?

The P-waves and S-waves spread out away from the epicenter and cause movement (Shaking).

What can happen during an earthquake?

Shaking, ground rupture, landslides, avalanches, fires, liquefaction, floods, tsunamis, destruction, death - you get the point.

Energy transformation that occures during an earthquake?

Shaking forces of the quake eventually are absorbed by Earth's surfaces and plants, buildings etc.

Do Seismoflowage Refers to the tendency for a foundation material to lose its internal cohesion and fail mechanically during earthquake shaking?

No; the correct answer is Liquefaction.

What happens at the epicenter during an earthquake?

Since the epicenter is the point on the earth's surface that is directly above the focus, or starting point, of the earthquake, it usually suffers the strongest shaking and the most severe damage.

When might it be best to leave a car or bus during an earthquake?

Wait until the shaking stops. Then, get out to an open space. Don't go under overpasses or bridges. They collapse in an earthquake. If you are moving you may not feel the quake.

Statement about the cause of building collapse during an earthquake is FALSE?

Some soils under buildings become liquefied due to severe shaking. thats false

What is the difference between an earthquake and a flood?

An earthquake is the shaking of the earth caused by the shifting of techtonic plates. A flood is caused by an abundance of water, or the failure of control systems to contain that abundance of water (e.g., NOLA during Hurricane Katrina).